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New Topic: What Plays are Awesome but Just Not Doable by Teenagers?
3 3 hours ago by Kathleen Tissot
Original post by Steven Slaughter
Teaching Theatre Wish List
4 4 hours ago by Douglas Rome
Original post by Caitlyn Ney
Communicating backstage
8 4 hours ago by John Whapham
Original post by Cynthia Scherer
Video Camera
0 6 hours ago by Jo Beth Gonzalez
0 20 hours ago by Sonja Brown
Creating a Theater curriculum
14 21 hours ago by Sally Shatzkes
2019 Musical Theater Songwriting Challenge: Apply Now!
0 22 hours ago by Megan Kolb
Beauty and the Beast Rose
0 23 hours ago by Michael Corliss
Helping kids manage pressure
2 yesterday by Rob Duval
Original post by Nicole Tremblay
Motorized Revolve
0 yesterday by Joshua Sinyard
6 yesterday by Jillian Lietzau
Original post by Jennifer Avery
DEATH BY DESSERT! Deciding if we can put on this play whilst not offending the Italian culture.
2 2 days ago by Heather Davidson
Original post by Neeka Majidishad
Curriculum budget
1 2 days ago by Laura Russo
Original post by Amy Sando
What does your season look like?
10 2 days ago by Laura Russo
Original post by Tracey Buot
Vignette plays for class work
5 2 days ago by Bryce Cahn
Original post by Kristin Hall
Dealing with students who want to drop
4 2 days ago by Kristin Lundberg
Original post by Sonja Brown
Sweeney Todd Meat Pies
1 2 days ago by Karen Malone
Original post by Tracey Buot
Two Legs = Enemy...Four Legs = Friend
0 2 days ago by Steven Slaughter
Jane Austen
5 2 days ago by Steven Slaughter
Theatre and Dance Teacher Credential?
2 2 days ago by Krista Carson Elhai
Original post by Heatherly Stephens
Plays with 4 women, 6 men?
0 2 days ago by Amy Bussey
She kills monsters
4 3 days ago by Paul Hengels
Hairspray Jr. Costumes
4 3 days ago by Erin Moughon-Smith
Contemporary Large Cast Plays
4 4 days ago by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Original post by Jordan Fox
Band Uniforms
4 4 days ago by Ann Hileman
Original post by Julie Estrada
Inactive seniors wanting graduation cords
13 4 days ago by Holly Smith
Original post by Max Dashner
Gathering Blue Props
0 4 days ago by Robin Wood
Crediting the author(s) in your publicity
5 4 days ago by Jim Hoare
Original post by Jonathan Dorf
0 4 days ago by Matthew Wolfe
Hamilton Help!
2 4 days ago by Brandon Lively
Original post by Paula Smith
Need stage lighting advice
4 4 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by Kathy Siler
Costume inventory system
7 5 days ago by Tamara Plasterer
Original post by Jodi Disario
Questions in Building a Theater
13 5 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by Josh Kauffman
Lightning Effects Equipment
8 5 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by Brett Buffum
University of Idaho
0 5 days ago by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Late summer theatre camps/intensives
0 5 days ago by Penelope Haskew
Rigging System
22 6 days ago by Kimberly Corbett Oates
Original post by Kevin Welsh
Seeking ideas on promoting school musical
5 6 days ago by James Van Leishout
Original post by Robert Hansen
Invention and tea cart from Beauty and the Beast
3 7 days ago by Charles Yarmey
Original post by Lisa Singleterry
Grease costumes & props
1 7 days ago by James Fry
Original post by Peter D'Angelo
Curious Incident
3 7 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by Rob Duval
Moth Storytelling Videos: Share videos appropriate for MIddle & High School
22 8 days ago by Kelly McCain
Original post by julie sukman
Cinderella Costumes
6 8 days ago by Cherie Firmin
Tech theatre: not just about flats and lights
0 8 days ago by George Ledo
Various Newsie Props Available
7 8 days ago by Kristin Duerr
Original post by Rachel Sparks
James and the Giant Peach Puppets?
0 9 days ago by Dominic Catrambone
Broken Theater Company
4 9 days ago by Elana Kepner
Original post by Kelly Bourget
One Act for 5 male performers
2 9 days ago by Dee Norman
Original post by Christina Kemmerer
Clue props and costumes
5 10 days ago by C. J. Breland
Original post by Lauren Canfield
male monologue comedic?
0 10 days ago by Nancy Lomas-Reynolds