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favorite activities that use music?
1 10 hours ago by Shira Schwartz
Original post by Emily Olson
Please help me out with a (very short) survey
0 12 hours ago by George Ledo
Trust Exercises
0 14 hours ago by Ryan Weible
One Act Festivals/Competitions
0 14 hours ago by Don Markham
Play selection for 2018-19
4 17 hours ago by Shira Schwartz
Original post by Laura Cummiskey
Length of Rehearsal Period?
7 18 hours ago by Andrea Canevazzi
Original post by Josh Kauffman
Scar Makeup for Back
6 yesterday by Stanley Coleman
Hamilton, Hamilton
0 yesterday by Ruben Van Kempen
Tornado ideas for Oz?
10 yesterday by Charles McMeekin
Original post by Lisa Singleterry
Scheduling Conflicts
11 yesterday by Anne Elisa Brown
Original post by Estella Church
Points for understudies
4 yesterday by Laura Steenson
Original post by Jodi Disario
Summer Camps for High School Students
0 yesterday by Katherine Gosnell
Searching for a non-musical version of Sweeney Todd
1 yesterday by John Perry
Original post by Jeffrey Hudkins
Improv Activities / Prompts
5 yesterday by Jennifer Simmons
Original post by Susan Speidel
In the Heights Set
0 yesterday by Karla Marcano Miranda
Concentration Camp Uniforms
5 2 days ago by Kelly Michale
Original post by James McCulloch
course description for tech class
8 4 days ago by Andrea Rassler
Original post by Amy Sando
Spring Play 2018
1 4 days ago by Josh Kauffman
Original post by Myranda Michaud
LCD Displays to Replace Projection Screen?
0 4 days ago by Raymond Palasz
Tattoos in Dogfight
0 4 days ago by Jeremy Stoll
TDF Costume Sale
0 4 days ago by John Perry
iPad App for LEDs?
1 4 days ago by Dana Taylor
Original post by John Perry
FCC Auction and Wireless Microphones in the 614-698MHz Range
4 4 days ago by Dana Taylor
Our Town in Six Weeks?
5 4 days ago by Jennifer Jordan
Original post by Kenneth Buswell
13 5 days ago by Marty Boyer
Original post by Kim Silverman
Favorite Comedic One-Act plays
1 5 days ago by Kenneth Buswell
Original post by David Hastings
Preparing for Annie Jr.
1 5 days ago by Dianne Rowe
Original post by Sheryl Davis
2 5 days ago by Jim Hoare
Original post by James Fry
Yellow brick road
3 5 days ago by Ann Hileman
Original post by Lisa Singleterry
job description- drama teacher and theatre manger
1 6 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by Andrea Haeussler
Job Description
3 6 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by Aileen Zeigler
Help!! Musical for two separate rehearsal groups?
11 6 days ago by Arthur Mendini
Original post by Analiese Hamm
Theatre House
5 6 days ago by Marty Boyer
Original post by Robert Gentry
Facility Management
4 7 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by Joseph Ellison
costume design
6 7 days ago by Shirlee Idzakovich
Original post by julie roach
Individual Event Chair Question
1 7 days ago by Nancy Brown
Original post by Kendra Schroeder
Homeschool Thespians?
5 7 days ago by Brian Benz
Original post by Jason Coats
OKLAHOMA! (Michigan)
0 7 days ago by Stanley Gibbs
AZ Maricopa County Teachers
0 7 days ago by Shira Schwartz
Prince Charming's horse
1 7 days ago by Dan Mellitz
Original post by Melinda Carlson
Realistic torch fire
2 7 days ago by Holly Thompson
Eye focus - help with a student
4 8 days ago by Rob Duval
Original post by Lana Thompson
3-D Printers for Theatrical Use
2 8 days ago by Gregory Bossler
Original post by Mark A. Zimmerman
Bye bye Birdie
1 8 days ago by Lindsay Shields
Original post by David Valdes
Peer to Peer Shakespeare
0 8 days ago by Jason LeClair
Directing Class- Project Ideas
7 9 days ago by Sonja Brown
Original post by Jessica Harms
Peter and the Starcatcher - is 22 actors way too many?
4 9 days ago by Elizabeth Berg
Original post by Arden Thomas
Mary Poppins Costumes
0 9 days ago by Robert Putka
The Miracle Worker Food scene!
3 9 days ago by Kate Costello
Original post by Kathy Dorgan
Easy/cheap periaktoi construction
2 10 days ago by Carol Gebert
Original post by Jennifer Simmons