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Breakaway Chair
1 6 hours ago by Michael Corliss
Original post by Patrick Kerr
Twelve Angry Jurors
3 6 hours ago by Michael Corliss
Original post by Kim Silverman
Budgeting Lesson Plan?
13 6 hours ago by Cheri Addison
Original post by Erika Trahan
Bye Bye Birdie
5 6 hours ago by Michael Corliss
Original post by Jodi Disario
Little Mermaid Orchestration - 4 Keyboard Parts??
1 7 hours ago by Jody Hanna
Original post by Mark Eberhard
Intro to MT Lesson
0 8 hours ago by Abra Chusid
IE lesson plans
0 9 hours ago by Amy Sando
Hurricane Michael
0 14 hours ago by Bruce Taws
Glowing Eyes Effect for TRAP
6 yesterday by Charles Clute
Pairing(s) for SILENT SKY
3 2 days ago by Brandon Becker
Original post by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Theatre Resources
10 2 days ago by Douglas Rome
Original post by Russell Saxton
Looking for a Vocal Director
2 2 days ago by Mary Todd Kaercher
Original post by Jonathan Kind
NEED Snoopy's Dog House?
0 3 days ago by Valerie O'Riordan
The Elephant Man
5 3 days ago by Wayne Kischer
Original post by John Monteverde
Declaration Initiative - call for participants
0 3 days ago by Jason LeClair
Any stories on the impact of arts in your school experience?
1 3 days ago by Julie Theobald
Original post by Kami Sheanin
13 the Musical
2 3 days ago by Garry Tiller
Original post by Jarad Benn
Choreography for Musical Theater
8 4 days ago by C. J. Breland
Original post by Kerry Jeffrey
Glinda's Bubble For Rent
0 4 days ago by Thomas Boys
Thespian Points
4 4 days ago by Kathy Siler
Original post by Erin Graffis
Resouces for student with cerebral palsy
1 4 days ago by Irene Imboden
Original post by Saundra Bouchie
Fundraising through Online Raffle Companies
0 4 days ago by Donna Youngblood
Making a working prop piano (Spinet)
4 4 days ago by Holly Thompson
Original post by Kristin Hall
Service Projects
4 5 days ago by Cathy Archer
Editable version of the ITS Constitution
6 5 days ago by Brian Benz
Original post by Carol Siegel
Foam Set Pieces Help
10 6 days ago by George Ledo
Original post by Brett Buffum
Into the Woods Questions
5 6 days ago by Benjamin Cossitor
Original post by Sara Giambalvo
Selling Big Stage Props
0 6 days ago by Yana Reinhard
Cleaning a Cyc??
2 6 days ago by Michael Johnson
Original post by Charles Yarmey
24 Hour Play Fest
5 6 days ago by Cindy Skelton
Original post by Valerie O'Riordan
Airplane for Drowsy Chaperone
0 7 days ago by David Skantar
Drood edits for high school
5 7 days ago by Ashley Bishop
Original post by Linda Urban
Christmas Carol Staged Reading Script
7 10 days ago by Dan Dobrovich
Charlie Brown Accompaniment
3 10 days ago by Jim Colleran
Original post by Daniel Stahl
Building a youth theatre curriculum
2 10 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Patrick Browne
Round Robin/Classroom practice?
4 10 days ago by Lisa Dyer
Original post by Erika Trahan
Rehearsal Cubes - any suggestions of where to buy
4 10 days ago by Ryan Moore
Original post by Jennifer Miguel
Tech Question
4 11 days ago by Ellen Di Filippo
Original post by Ed Koffenberger
Parent Booster Structure
2 11 days ago by Mark A. Zimmerman
Original post by Kate McRaith
Microphone Frequencies in Schools
12 12 days ago by Valerie Farschman
Original post by Julie Musbach
Revue Type Production
5 12 days ago by Amy Learn
Original post by Kelli Jo Henderson
How do you know?
2 12 days ago by Myndee Washington
Original post by Christina Iman
Build suggestions for clock in Cinderella
1 12 days ago by Heather McFadden
Original post by Kevin Manes
Sound of Music
2 13 days ago by Lindsay Shields
Original post by Teri Turner
Need simple pirate chest construction plans ASAP!
5 13 days ago by Bob Sedoff
Original post by Sonja Brown
Dialect and Race
2 13 days ago by Kaila Schwartz
Original post by Darren McGarvey
Young Frankenstein the Musical
1 13 days ago by William Dawson
Original post by Cheri Addison
Need plans to build a safe seesaw for the stage...
0 13 days ago by julie sukman
Advice for Disney's Hunchback
3 13 days ago by Melissa Mintzer
Original post by Ryan Moore
Addams Family torture chair
3 14 days ago by Charles Yarmey
Original post by Caroline Dill