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Costume Construction Supplies/Budget Question
1 4 minutes ago by Kimberly Wibbenmeyer
Original post by Stephanie Schultze
Troupe Community Service
0 10 hours ago by Patti Veconi
Creative staging for formal dining table
2 11 hours ago by Maggie Ward
Original post by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Attendance app
0 12 hours ago by Bernadette MacLeod
Season Selection Process
2 15 hours ago by Rosemary Bucher
Original post by Keenan Shionalyn
Pros and Cons of She Kills Monsters?
8 17 hours ago by Sarah Wahlen
Original post by Jordanne Bradley
Charlie Brown
3 17 hours ago by Emily Tallbacka
Original post by Mark Dobbs
Formative Assessments for teaching movement to students
0 20 hours ago by Earlene DeLeon
Graduate Level Courses for Theatre Educators (non degree seeking)
0 20 hours ago by Lindsy Warwick
Charlie Brown - Skating
0 21 hours ago by Katherine Howard
Grandparents' Day Activities
1 21 hours ago by Derek Friederich
Original post by Elizabeth Smoak
Thunder Sheet
9 yesterday by Mark A. Zimmerman
New online tech shop
0 yesterday by George Ledo
Motivation in Class
2 2 days ago by Amy Learn
Original post by Brooke Evans
Journal questions and homework ideas for Acting class
11 2 days ago by Elizabeth Smoak
Original post by Arden Thomas
Thespian Advisor involvement
3 2 days ago by Mark A. Zimmerman
Original post by Adam Herzig
Historical costumers/ cosplayers?
6 3 days ago by Krista Carson Elhai
Original post by Anita Manderfield
spring play - non-musical
8 3 days ago by Kate Costello
Original post by Elisabeth Ledwell
2m, 1f Scenes
5 5 days ago by Marilynn Zeljeznjak
Original post by Kara Zimmerman
great film to watch for historical accuracy of Louis XIV, Moliere?
2 5 days ago by Justin Charles
Original post by Arden Thomas
Adding extra characters to one act
2 6 days ago by David Simpson
Original post by Anne Elisa Brown
Our Town
4 7 days ago by C. J. Breland
Original post by Frieda Gebert
Play for an outdoor space
8 7 days ago by C. J. Breland
Original post by Christina Kemmerer
Copyright and Marketing
4 7 days ago by Jean Klein
Original post by Kristen Hoch
60 Minute Competition Piece Suggestions
3 7 days ago by Jean Klein
Original post by Josh Kauffman
Advice for handling student whose behavior derails rehearsals
7 7 days ago by George Ledo
Original post by Janet Wood
Car needed for 9 to 5
0 8 days ago by Christine Dougherty
Address to send check for Maryland Thespians
2 8 days ago by Kelly Cardall
Original post by Christopher Dwyer
Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon
3 8 days ago by Don Zolidis
Original post by Jarad Benn
Bullying one act?
4 8 days ago by Sonja Brown
Original post by Dorothea Hackett
Infringement question
8 8 days ago by C. J. Breland
Original post by Analiese Hamm
Recommendations for Undergrad Creative Writing/Playwriting
3 8 days ago by Jeff Grove
Original post by Dana Taylor
Middle School Lesson Plan/s for 1st day of a Trimester
8 9 days ago by Ryan Moore
Original post by Russell Saxton
EdTA National Conference Archive (Workshops)
1 9 days ago by Jim Curtis
Original post by David Nields
fitting the arts into the master schedule
4 10 days ago by Bob Fowler
Original post by Stuart Rosenthal
STEAM One Act Plays
5 10 days ago by Julia Wharton
Original post by Ellen O'Reilly-LaSalle
Free venues for HS performance in NYC?
2 11 days ago by Lindsay Shields
Original post by Christie Blewett
Looking for musical choregrapher
1 12 days ago by Kendra Knoblock
Original post by Rosalind Allen Enciso
The Sound of Music
7 13 days ago by Janette Clark
Original post by Thomas Boys
15x30 Cyclorama Curtain for Sale
2 13 days ago by Tifani Pust
Need Something for Music For Shows
3 13 days ago by Ed Como
Original post by Todd Terrell
Stage Agent
4 13 days ago by Laura Russo
The Theatre's Professional Code of Ethics
3 13 days ago by Jean Klein
Original post by John Perry
2 14 days ago by Jodi Disario
Original post by Cathy Archer
makeup curriculum
2 14 days ago by Steve Halper
Original post by Karon Branch
High School Movement for Theatre Course
8 14 days ago by Eric Nyquist
Original post by Nathan Emmons
Comedy for students of color
2 15 days ago by Erich Friend
Original post by Ellie McIvor-Baker
Floor Projection
5 15 days ago by Michael Johnson
Original post by Steven Slaughter
Scrim fabric SOLD
0 15 days ago by Karin Neal
musical theatre syllabus template
0 16 days ago by Emily Stone