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Selling at set
2 4 hours ago by Tracy Nunnally
Original post by Karen Massey
Classical Scenes for Women
2 11 hours ago by Nancy Bernhard
Original post by Russell Saxton
Awarding Points for Festivals and more
2 14 hours ago by Krista Carson Elhai
Original post by Catherine Leavitt
3 14 hours ago by Krista Carson Elhai
Original post by Carolynn Ritter
Little Shop
0 19 hours ago by David Richards
Commedia Dell'arte
5 20 hours ago by Stanley Allan Sherman
Original post by James Van Leishout
Student Director Involvement in Casting
4 yesterday by Tina Miller
Original post by Charles Clute
"ALIEN" at North Bergen High School. Legal?
1 yesterday by Derek Friederich
Original post by Scott Piehler
7 yesterday by Melissa Albertson
QLab and Vectorworks
6 yesterday by James Kinney
Original post by David Krudwig
4 yesterday by Mark A. Zimmerman
Original post by Jocelyn Frohwein
Anguish of cutting students
0 2 days ago by David Hastings
4 2 days ago by David Simpson
Original post by Dawn Rollins
Student Casting: best for role vs most potential for growth
3 2 days ago by Crit Fisher
Original post by David Hastings
The Sound of Music - Chorus Options
2 2 days ago by Dana Taylor
Original post by Matthew Levine
How do I make costume changes run smoothly with sixty 3rd through 5th graders?!?!
3 3 days ago by Christine Izmirian
Original post by Carla Molina
No "Teaching" Experience
8 3 days ago by Heather Bergeron
Original post by Erin Hart
Short Plays for Young Performers: In-class use
2 3 days ago by Gai Laing Jones
Original post by Chris Wollman
Code of Conduct for Production Contracts
0 3 days ago by Rebecca Fahning
Addams family stairs
4 3 days ago by Ron Obringer
Storage-or lacktherof
8 3 days ago by Meg O'Connor
Original post by Laurel Reiley
Middle School Collaboration
0 4 days ago by Dale Simpkins
Hour Glass
2 4 days ago by Krista Carson Elhai
Original post by Melinda Carlson
Masks for Phantom of the Opera
1 5 days ago by Karen Malone
Original post by Donald Amerson
Journey of the Noble Gnarble
0 5 days ago by Dawn Rollins
Constructing props. Anyone know how to make cotton candy props?
3 5 days ago by Amy Dalager
Original post by Kim Silverman
retro-fitted LED lights
2 6 days ago by Erich Friend
Original post by Jill Campbell
Hairspray Can
3 6 days ago by Holly Striska
Original post by Raymond Palasz
Ion Lightboard Basics opportunity
2 6 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Mainstage shows this summer
2 6 days ago by Terry McGonigle
Original post by Cindy Baker
Dance Teacher/Choreographer Opening: Full Time Position
1 6 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Erik Hart
Play proposal assignment
2 6 days ago by Christopher Hamilton
Original post by Sonja Brown
Female Jesus in Godspell
16 6 days ago by Garry Tiller
Original post by Jason Maddy
4 6 days ago by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Openings in New Mexico
0 7 days ago by Terry Davis
Big Fish costume borrowing/rental in SoCal
0 8 days ago by Arden Thomas
Death by Dessert Length
2 8 days ago by Julie Dukes
Original post by Fredreka Irvine
Mackie SR32-4 Help
3 10 days ago by David Simpson
Original post by Derek Friederich
Need One Act Play Ideas!
6 10 days ago by Brady Zimmer
Competency Based Progression in Theatre
1 10 days ago by Ashley Bishop
Original post by Robin Willis
Freaky Friday
2 10 days ago by Erik Stein
Original post by Melinda Carlson
Ethnic role
1 11 days ago by Sadie Andros
Original post by Karen Fairbank
Summer Worksop Opportunities in England
0 11 days ago by John Perry
Stagecraft position open
1 11 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Elisabeth Ledwell
Do Not Audition List
15 11 days ago by Laura Steenson
Original post by Kenneth Buswell
Job Opening 2019-2020 and beyond
0 11 days ago by Elisabeth Ledwell
Trio Acting Scenes
5 12 days ago by Arlene Hutton
Original post by Kelly Bourget
wigs and facial hair
3 12 days ago by Tina Miller
Original post by Nancy Lomas-Reynolds
Crash Course Theater Worksheets?
1 12 days ago by Joel King
Original post by John Monteverde
Sub Lessons etc.
4 12 days ago by C. J. Breland
Original post by Elana Kepner