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Audition change up
1 30 minutes ago by Nathan Rosen
Original post by Aileen Zeigler
The Wiz - Musical - Looking for Costumes
3 an hour ago by Rich Luedeke
Original post by Donnie Bryan
Learning to do set design by designing Little Shop of Horrors
2 11 hours ago by Kenneth Buswell
Original post by Arden Thomas
Judges Video
0 15 hours ago by Crystal Swancey
teaching Middle School
1 17 hours ago by Josh Kauffman
Original post by Cathy Archer
Wagon brakes that actually work
4 17 hours ago by George Ledo
Original post by Bernadette MacLeod
Wagon - Young Frankenstein
2 18 hours ago by George Ledo
Original post by Cheri Addison
Pitchforks for BIG FISH
2 18 hours ago by Don Keith
Original post by Mark A. Zimmerman
Performance Contract for Students
7 yesterday by Jennifer Jordan
Original post by E. Denise Royal
Theatre Projectors
1 yesterday by Michael Johnson
Original post by Matthew Ward
EdTA National Conference
0 yesterday by Dorothea Hackett
Scholarship monologs
0 yesterday by Jacquelyn Stevens
Paint on Stage Curtains
6 yesterday by Jerry Onik
Original post by Brett Buffum
Workshop a new one-act
2 yesterday by Derek Friederich
Original post by Stephen Gregg
Fiddler on the Roof costume assistance
1 yesterday by Allyssa Downs
Original post by Stanley Gibbs
Costume Storage Configuration
5 yesterday by Kelly Thomas
Original post by Christopher Piner
Too Much Light-Neofuturist show
2 yesterday by Brittany Bourque
What workshop topics would you most like to see?
2 yesterday by George Ledo
Original post by Betsy Singer-Lefton
When Shows Require Diversity but the School is Not Diverse
20 yesterday by Elizabeth Smoak
Original post by Jared Grigsby
Spewing vomit! God of Carnage
4 yesterday by Arden Thomas
Parent Information Letter
5 yesterday by Brian Benz
Original post by Shannon Lee
Booby Trap
5 2 days ago by Kenneth Buswell
Play Suggestions Needed!
6 4 days ago by Marc Raia
Original post by Sheri Templeton
Master of Theatre Studies - Southern Oregon
0 4 days ago by James Kinney
Freaky Friday Casting
0 4 days ago by Melinda Carlson
Question about teaching lighting design
5 4 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by George Ledo
TD Interview Questions
2 4 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by Sonia Gerber
Jetty/Boats in Mamma Mia!
4 4 days ago by Maria Palassis
Original post by Maria Beery
Oh No, Not Again
6 5 days ago by George Ledo
Original post by Crit Fisher
The Great Gatsby
3 5 days ago by Mary Bowen
NEWSIES Audition Material
1 5 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Taylor Horne
Failure: A Love Story
2 5 days ago by Anne Elisa Brown
All Middle School Boys
10 5 days ago by Stephen Gregg
Original post by Jennifer Avery
Casting: Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
1 6 days ago by Ann Hileman
Original post by Chip Goff
What are your lighting challenges?
22 6 days ago by Benjamin Pilat
New Lighting Bootcamp: Hawaii
0 6 days ago by Benjamin Pilat
Periatos Blueprint
7 6 days ago by Don Keith
Original post by Natalie Cannon
Telephones for Bye Bye Birdie
7 6 days ago by Susan Speidel
Original post by Susan Sterman-Jones
Performance Policies
5 6 days ago by Nicole Tremblay
Pride Rock
0 7 days ago by Suzanne Craig
Broadway Licensing
4 7 days ago by Chip Goff
Original post by Robert Jessup
Show Tracks
4 7 days ago by Charles Puetzer
Original post by Sara Giambalvo
What goals do you set for each rehearsal?
2 7 days ago by David Simpson
Original post by Carla Molina
Make-Up Storage
0 7 days ago by Kristi Jacobs-Stanley
Elementary Theatre
6 7 days ago by Betsy Singer-Lefton
Original post by Sheila Clouse
Elementary Theater
0 7 days ago by Candace O'Hearn
Job Opening in San Jose CA
0 8 days ago by Billy Houck
Curtains Pit Orchestration Choices
5 8 days ago by Bonnie Wilson
Original post by Linda Urban
Source for sound effects for DIARY OF ANNE FRANK
2 8 days ago by Floyd Nash
Asking which publishing website do most junior high dram teachers use for finding plays?
4 8 days ago by Joy Hammond
Original post by Robert Hansen