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Bonnie and Clyde Car
0 2 hours ago by Joseph Arreola
Class Lineup and Offerings
4 8 hours ago by Jeana Whitaker
Lesson Plan Ideas for "RESPOND"
0 12 hours ago by Katie Alley
Shakespeare Comedy
15 14 hours ago by Amanda Malo
Boleyn Plays
2 15 hours ago by Elisabeth Ledwell
First-Time Musical Production?
13 yesterday by Carolyn Little
Shows, Non-Shows, and Other Information
4 yesterday by Carolyn Little
7 yesterday by Carolyn Little
9 to 5 the Musical
2 yesterday by Carolyn Little
Graduation honors
6 2 days ago by Shira Schwartz
Ghostlight Project article
2 2 days ago by Megan D'Orvilliers
The Frogs
5 2 days ago by Sheri Templeton
Fake Food Props
7 2 days ago by Stephanie Schultze
A Strange Request about Rock of Ages
1 2 days ago by Patrick McGuire
Is it common practice to credit set and props in HS theatre?
11 2 days ago by Dan Mellitz
Looking for a play
8 2 days ago by Amy Bussey
2 2 days ago by Mark A. Zimmerman
EF Tours
9 2 days ago by Lynn Glener
School Theater Department Survey
0 2 days ago by Lizzy Brannan
5 2 days ago by Shira Schwartz
Need theatre tech lessons for substitute?
3 3 days ago by Andrea Rassler
SWEENEY TODD — The Melodrama
2 4 days ago by Phillip Rayher
Plays about Astronomy
3 4 days ago by James Van Leishout
Modern Interpretations of "A Christmas Carol"
7 4 days ago by William Jacobsen
Fall Play Suggestion
3 5 days ago by Karen Fairbank
Transformation dress?
5 5 days ago by Amy Bussey
Lighting system problems
5 5 days ago by Tracy Nunnally
Drama Camp!
6 5 days ago by Analiese Hamm
Full Length Shows with Middle Schoolers
4 5 days ago by Dee Norman
Help! Please help fund my English play in Japan.
0 5 days ago by Paul Howl
Short plays for disabled adults
4 6 days ago by Mark Quinlan
Hawkins Award Essay Submission
1 6 days ago by James Van Leishout
Bells for Hunchback of Notre Dame
0 6 days ago by Ron Parker
5 6 days ago by Shira Schwartz
Little Shop of Horrors
12 6 days ago by John Perry
G2K Musicals?
7 7 days ago by Alice Griffith
6 8 days ago by Kenneth Robinson
2 9 days ago by Patrick McGuire
Dimmers for LED lighting
7 10 days ago by James Kinney
0 10 days ago by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Job Opening: Established Theatre Program in Kansas City
0 11 days ago by Brian Gehrlein
Alternate to spray foam?
10 11 days ago by Erika Trahan
1 12 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Kissing Scenes
34 12 days ago by Victoria Kesling Councill
Comedy with 10+ characters
4 12 days ago by Susan Draus
Laramie Project cuts?
7 12 days ago by Zach Schneider
Apps for evaluations?
3 12 days ago by Matt Erickson
Romeo and Juliet
14 13 days ago by Ryan Landmann
Play Recommendations for In-Class Study
5 14 days ago by Charlotte Kauffman
All male cast long one act play
2 14 days ago by Justin Daniel