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Stage management textbook
0 8 hours ago by Ann Hileman
Beauty and the Beast Set
1 9 hours ago by Natasha Tolleson
Restarting-starting a program with little to no school interest
1 13 hours ago by James Kinney
High school students in a middle school program?
2 15 hours ago by Tina Tutt
Children's Theatre/Literary Adaptation/Devised Theatre
2 16 hours ago by Heathe Stecklein
Pippin Fire Box
0 18 hours ago by Rachel Snyder
Play that takes place in a gym?
8 2 days ago by Scott Hasbrouck
Public Speaking
5 3 days ago by Ellen Augustine
ISO Middle School Scenes
2 3 days ago by Lynda Gibson
Improv Class/ Curriculum?
4 4 days ago by Danette Bathauer
ITO Candidates on Community: Week 3
11 4 days ago by Oswaldo Ambrosio
Beauty and the Beast Jr.
1 4 days ago by Ray Karns
Audrey 2
3 5 days ago by Kelly Michale
RADIUM GIRLS questions
5 6 days ago by Juniper Wallace
Cinderella Carriage and Horses
3 6 days ago by Philip Craik
Selling our Costumes Poppins, Mermaid, Chitty
2 6 days ago by Christopher Piner
ISO Hunchback Set, Costumes, Props, Advice
0 6 days ago by Christopher Piner
"Tracks" by Peter Tarsi
3 6 days ago by Martha Louden
Bells for Hunchback of Notre Dame
1 7 days ago by Christopher Piner
Looking for Beauty and the Beast Costumes/Set
1 7 days ago by Melissa Mintzer
8 7 days ago by Mitch Stark
Thespian bonding Activities?
7 7 days ago by Sonja Brown
What would you have wanted to know when you started this job?
8 7 days ago by Dianne Rowe
Who is in charge of your drama program?
17 8 days ago by Jeana Whitaker
Literary Adaptation/Recruiting Play
2 9 days ago by Taylor Horne
A Midsummer Night's Dream Auditions For Play - How It Went
3 9 days ago by Donald Phillips
Interactive Dinner Theatre
1 9 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Projections for Theatre Productions
6 9 days ago by Mitch Stark
1-Act play suggestions
3 11 days ago by Annie Rice
Looking for plays for all male cast and play for all female cast
5 11 days ago by Cora Turlish
Choosing a fall play
8 11 days ago by Cora Turlish
Children's Theater
5 11 days ago by Dianne Rowe
imput on some play ideas.
8 11 days ago by Carolyn Greer
One to One (Chromebooks) and Moving
8 12 days ago by Corey Ragan
Costume Organization Systems
1 12 days ago by George Ledo
One Act similar to...
3 12 days ago by Laurie Tyson
Shrek Costumes and Props
0 13 days ago by Susan Cates
Mary Poppins magic for Sale
3 13 days ago by Rita McLary
Marking Tape Numbers
4 14 days ago by Erich Friend
EF Tours
10 14 days ago by Maralie Medlin
Theatre For Children With Autism
5 14 days ago by Christine Causer
Virtual Stage Management
2 14 days ago by William Myatt
Thespian participation before formal induction?
3 14 days ago by David LaFleche
Playwriting Unit
7 14 days ago by Dan Barrett
5 15 days ago by Kelly Thomas
Editable version of the ITS Constitution
1 15 days ago by Brian Benz
Directing Issues- Creative Boundaries
17 15 days ago by Ginnie Bullis
Summer Youth Theatre Camp
1 15 days ago by Josh Ruben
5 16 days ago by Kenneth Buswell
New Community Feature-@Mentions!
1 16 days ago by Christopher Hamilton