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Grease Movie Song Licensing
0 9 hours ago by Michael Busani
Mamma Mia?
5 10 hours ago by Becky Beth Benedict
Original post by Rob Juergens
Copyright laws
2 14 hours ago by Michael McDonough
Original post by Stephanie Wendell
Environment/Ecology Themed One Acts?
0 17 hours ago by Gina Montet
Medium-cast play with few males
4 18 hours ago by Ken Buswell
Original post by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Dramatic two woman scene with lesbian characters
5 18 hours ago by Jeff Grove
Original post by Jordan Becknell
Raining flower petals
4 19 hours ago by Mark Middlebrooks
Original post by Stephanie Vitulli
Distance MFA?
15 22 hours ago by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Original post by Douglas Erwin
Movable Platform
5 23 hours ago by Michael Johnson
Original post by Amy Williams
La Ronde plays
0 yesterday by Tommie Baravong
Clue: On Stage Effects
5 yesterday by Tommie Baravong
Original post by Sarah Gerling
Light Up Wizard Wands
21 yesterday by Colleen Mylott
Original post by Derek Pickens
Mary Poppins Costumes & Props for Rent
1 yesterday by Ben Hodge
Original post by Thom Babbes
Wizard of Oz costumes
2 yesterday by Tammy Smith
Original post by Dawn Lichty
ITF for Solo Teacher w/o Students?
3 yesterday by Tammy Smith
Original post by Steven Slaughter
building a prop grand piano
6 yesterday by Melissa Mintzer
Original post by Cathy Swain-Abrams
Female Group Scene
5 yesterday by Ken Buswell
Original post by Gregory Franklin
Various Newsie Props Available
11 yesterday by Noel Bethea
Original post by Rachel Sparks
Honor Troupe Recognition
2 yesterday by Martha Louden
Concord Theatricals
0 2 days ago by Karen Wiebe
Shrek Resources (Props, set pieces, etc.)
2 2 days ago by Christopher Piner
Tech Theatre Summer Camp
4 2 days ago by Katie Arjona
13 3 days ago by Brendan Moser
Maybe a Dangerous Question
8 3 days ago by Steven Slaughter
Ticketing systems that use phones to check in guests
8 3 days ago by Scott Keys
Original post by Joseph D'Aquino
Wonderland: the Musical
9 4 days ago by Laura Rizzo
Original post by Lynda Gibson
3 4 days ago by Christine Izmirian
Original post by John Monteverde
Seat numbers
2 4 days ago by Toni Thomas
Original post by Shanda Bonn
Letters to Sala Flier Drop Help!
4 4 days ago by Michael Bergman
Original post by Elizabeth Kott
9 5 days ago by John Monteverde
Original post by Melinda Carlson
Old issues of DRAMATICS, TEACHING THEATRE, and more - Useful to anyone?
1 5 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Rosalind Flynn
Wa Tan Ye in Music Man
6 5 days ago by Mark Weissman
Original post by Amanda Fischer
Give "height" to leading man
2 5 days ago by Lynda Gibson
Original post by Melinda Carlson
Starlight Express Metal Skate Bowl For Sale
1 6 days ago by Christopher Piner
TRAP (Gregg) Casting; smaller cast
7 6 days ago by Cora Turlish
Democracyworks Essay
1 6 days ago by James Palmarini
Original post by Heather Daurity
She Kills Monsters items -- Orcus map, dragon heads
2 6 days ago by Lynn Quinn
Original post by Cora Turlish
Building Double Doors - Ideas?
8 7 days ago by Bob Sedoff
Original post by Kerry Jeffrey
Rehearsal/production cubes
10 7 days ago by John Perry
Original post by Astrid Maurer-Evans
Letter to EdTA Members
1 7 days ago by Gai Laing Jones
Theater Opening
2 8 days ago by David Simpson
Original post by Frieda Gebert
Glitter spray for hair and body?
3 8 days ago by John Perry
Original post by Shira Schwartz
Favorite class activities for performance day?
3 8 days ago by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Inviting outside professionals to cast your show
13 8 days ago by Tracy Wagner
9 to 5
1 8 days ago by Damon Gelb
Original post by Terri Ferguson
Shakespeare question
5 8 days ago by David Engel
Original post by Kati Heintzman
Midsummer It Is...Now What?
11 9 days ago by Brendan Moser
Original post by Brett Buffum
Summer Theater Camp in LA
5 9 days ago by Gai Laing Jones
Original post by Jennifer Jordan
Rochester Michigan area Addams Family
3 9 days ago by Kendra Knoblock
Original post by Jo Pillsbury
When Shows Require Diversity but the School is Not Diverse
28 10 days ago by Wendy Short-Hays
Original post by Jared Grigsby