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Creating Theatre Ed Productivity Software!
0 23 hours ago by Robbie Steiner
Looking for Royalty Free Christmas Music and Instrumental backing tracks
0 yesterday by Andrea Johnston
Lessons with the Music Director of WICKED on Broadway
0 yesterday by Dan Micciche
Covid suggested protocols
2 yesterday by Holly Thompson
0 yesterday by Amy Luskey-Barth
Converting Room to Black Box/Studio
7 yesterday by Amy Luskey-Barth
Original post by Drew Whitley
Mask work
4 yesterday by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Original post by Josh Kauffman
Monologue Files
4 2 days ago by Don Zolidis
Original post by Brian Percival
Tik Tok Ideas
0 2 days ago by Michael Johnson
One-Act Festival
10 2 days ago by Jill Panyard
Original post by Catherine Haskins
Theatre and Social Emotional Learning
5 2 days ago by Dale Schmid
Plays for 9 characters
9 3 days ago by Nathan Rosen
Original post by Claire Federhofer
1 3 days ago by Cori Bott
Original post by Lisa Ronca
MAP Apps to cover topic of place/location - Online drama workshop
0 3 days ago by Sylvia Cahill
Classic plays by women
0 4 days ago by Arlene Hutton
Video Editing Tools
2 4 days ago by Michael Johnson
Producing Puffs in the Future??
3 4 days ago by Brenton Williamson
Original post by Terry Gabbard
Admin help: Can I post a job listing here? Thanks
3 5 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Mike Rock
Which platform to use?!?
10 5 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Sonja Brown
Concord Refund
2 5 days ago by Rosemary Bucher
Original post by Matthew Fauls-Rivas
Streaming Brainstorm/Questions
1 5 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Kristi Jacobs-Stanley
Virtual Theatre lesson for music 🎶 students! Thanks all 🙂
0 7 days ago by Emily Stone
Great face-to-face virtual coaching sessions and lesson plans for acting for the camera
3 7 days ago by Pauline Maranian
Mexican American plays
4 7 days ago by Arlene Hutton
Original post by Joseph Luna
Free Technical Theatre Workshops from PCPA
0 8 days ago by Erik Stein
Improv Classes for Adults in Irvine-ish Area
1 8 days ago by Thomas Dugger
Original post by Joyce Loo
Using racially diverse material
5 8 days ago by Julie Danao-Salkin
Original post by Jason LeClair
Short Winter/Holiday Scripts
1 8 days ago by Alexandra Crossen
Original post by Bridget DeVivo
Costume inventory systems
0 9 days ago by Wayne Kischer
Hispanic plays
13 9 days ago by John Glass
Original post by Joseph Luna
Stagecraft/Tech Theatre Remote
8 9 days ago by John Litten
Clue HS vs. Clue Original
4 9 days ago by Michael Limone
Audacity question
5 10 days ago by Julie Benitez
Original post by Marla Blasko
Camping with Henry and Tom
2 10 days ago by Christina Vincent
Troupe Officer Duties
4 10 days ago by Christina Vincent
Hispanic Plays
0 10 days ago by Janet Van Wess
Shakespeare Duo Scenes
3 11 days ago by
Original post by Elizabeth Berg
Live Streaming a Production
1 12 days ago by Jason Goldstein
Original post by Conner Carlow
Brand New Juniors Thespians!
4 12 days ago by Teri Turner
Theatre As An Empathy Gym
0 13 days ago by Jessica Speck
Thespys/I.E.s as class assignment
2 13 days ago by Tiffany Carstensen
Original post by Karen Feldhaus
0 13 days ago by Shelby Burton
National Conference
4 14 days ago by Ryan Moore
Original post by Katie Murphy
Black Theatre Workshops for educators
1 15 days ago by Teri Turner
Original post by Erik Stein
Livestreaming Webinars
0 16 days ago by Jason Goldstein
Upcoming USITT Webinars
0 17 days ago by David Armelino
Special Offer: Free VirtualCallboard for Fall Productions
0 18 days ago by Sam Anderson
Best Christmas pageant ever
10 18 days ago by Karin Neal
Radio show
4 18 days ago by John Monteverde
Original post by Kurt Knoedelseder
6 18 days ago by Julie Theobald
Original post by Kristin Hall