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retro-fitted LED lights

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    Posted 03-14-2019 09:23
    We recently re-modeled an old auditorium/now LGI, that we are temporarily using for our major productions until our new performing arts facility is completed. All of our front of house lights in the re-modeled space are retro-fitted LED instruments. They have started to flicker and turn off and on during performances. Has any one else experienced this and if so, has anyone found a solution to the problem?

    Thank you all for any advice you can offer.


    Jill Campbell
    Gifted Support/Learning Enrichment ARTsmART
    State High Thespian Troupe 5029
    State College Area High School
    State College, PA 16801
    (814) 231-4114

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    Posted 03-14-2019 11:03

    It could be any number of things. Not all LED fixtures like to be dimmed. If they are DMX units, the flicker might be due to an unterminated DMX line (or other issues with DMX line). Also, there are a lot of cheap LED fixtures out there. Many of the "cost effective" ones do not perform well, and come no where near achieving the rated life hours they are said to.

    If you are able to offer more information as to what the fixtures are, how they are controlled, and when you seem to experience the flickering, perhaps we could offer more specific advice.


    David Simpson
    Performing Arts Center Manager
    East China Schools
    East China MI

  • 3.  RE: retro-fitted LED lights

    Posted 03-19-2019 00:13
    As David Simpson mentioned it might be a problem withe DMX signal distribution.  Termination of the DMX line is one possible issue, but there are other possibilities, too.  DMX cabling must be serial, daisy chained from one device to the next.  If you have any Y splices in the line this can also cause problems.  Another thing that can cause issues is not using cables that are engineered specifically for RS485 / DMX signals.  This is different than mic cable or other twisted pair shielded cables.  Sadly, there are many companies that make and sell cables labelled as suitable for DMX, when in fact they are nothing but plain old poor quality microphone cable.  Be sure you have purchased your cables from a reputable manufacturer.

    Erich Friend
    Theatre Consultant
    Teqniqal Systems