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1.  Curtain Call

Posted 10-09-2017 11:46
I'm looking to do something different at the end of this year's fall play. What is the most unusual way that you have staged a curtain call?

Marla Blasko
Director/Teacher Theatre Arts
Long Reach High School
Columbia, MD

2.  RE: Curtain Call

Posted 10-09-2017 14:40
I was in a HUGE cast for a musical one time, and we lined up in the lobby (from the doors to the house, to the door outside) for people to walk through. It also encouraged people NOT to loiter in the house after the show.

Heather Cribbs
Theatre Director
New Smyrna Beach High School
New Smyrna Beach, FL

3.  RE: Curtain Call

Posted 10-10-2017 08:48
At the end of "Lost in Yonkers", we staged the family like they were at the start of a Family Feud episode for the curtain call.  The audience was really confused, but burst out laughing when the cast broke "character" and started clapping and dancing.

Lisa Dyer
Henrico VA

4.  RE: Curtain Call

Posted 10-10-2017 11:29
I directed To Kill a Mockingbird at a local community theatre and had the cast in a tableau on stage when the lights came up. Each group stood and bowed in turn, with the Finch family last.

Dianne Rowe
Birmingham AL

5.  RE: Curtain Call

Posted 10-12-2017 10:04
After I do our regular curtain call, before I turn up the house lights I have the students exit the stage down the ramps we have on each side and down the middle steps.  They are clapping and dancing to the curtain call music and make their way to the lobby.  I then turn up the house lights for the audience to exit.  This clears the house since they want to get to the lobby to see the cast.  I have the cast and crew assigned to a different area of the lobby so they can thank the audience for coming and it gives each and every member a chance to meet and greet and be congratulated by the audience.  It then gives me a chance to lock the doors to the house so people are cleared out. If I didn't do this I would have parents in the auditorium with their kiddos forever and then the other audience members would not have a chance to mingle with the cast.

Jill Gable
Theatre Teacher/director
Jill Gable
San Antonio TX

6.  RE: Curtain Call

Posted 10-12-2017 12:41
At Shakespeare performances, the ensemble would bow together & dance a jig to celebrate the story they just shared with the audience, so we loosely adapted that idea.

We choose a fun, upbeat song that fits ironically with our show & each student, one at a time, dances on stage to the music.  When the whole cast is on stage, they take on ensemble bow & dance off. They love it. Last year, for Crucible, our curtain call song was "Another one bites the dust."

Jeana Whitaker
Theatre Director
Mesa AZ

7.  RE: Curtain Call

Posted 10-13-2017 08:06
Night of the Living Dead
We did it in a converted cafetorium with the Zombies roaming the audience during the show.

Curtain call.
The show fades to black with the sound of Zombies munching on all remaining survivors.
Simon and Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence" Fades up
Zero fade blinders on the audience with zombies standing facing the crowd.
Zombies start advancing on the crowd.
Zero fade blackout.
Sounds of mixed screams and applause.

Brian Bozanich
Director of Theatre
Maumee Valley Country Day School
Toledo OH