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Video-friendly musicals

  • 1.  Video-friendly musicals

    Posted 10-20-2020 19:44
    Hi Theatre Gang. Has anyone had any successes with Zoom-filmed musicals? There is a limited number of musicals that are legally licensed for recording and broadcasting. Given the national trends on Covid, along with the medical predictions, I do not think that we will be able to do anything live in February. My students are used to doing "name" productions- in the last few years, we've done "Pippin", "Oliver" "RENT", "Joseph/Dreamcoat"- not those specifically written for high schools. Any suggestions about musicals- cast size 30-40, preferably female-heavy- that could be assembled from videos? Thank you.

    Michael Bergman
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  • 2.  RE: Video-friendly musicals

    Posted 10-21-2020 15:20
    Scrooge?  Scrooge looking at past present and future can be split screen.  The ghosts can have their own screen without much problem.     They never touch scrooge really.  Scrooge,  in the past,  can be split screen with whoever hes acting with to show an emotional distance.    The only problem is the close knit cratchit family and scrooge's relationship with his beloved sister in the past, fezziwig and the september the 25th dance number.  Also not a lot of girls unless ghosts are all girls. Marly could also be female.   Why not?

    Future scrooge goes to cemetary and looks on at the cratchits, which given the situation,  could be in separate screens.  They are mourning and cold beer separate.

    Don't know how you would handle the transformation and scrooge singing and dancing with the town at the end.

    Tough one.    Musicals are usually communal.    Need dancing and music.

    Leon Kaye
    Playwright for the Ages