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Distance Ensemble Experiences for Theatre Educators and their Students Session Eleven

  • 1.  Distance Ensemble Experiences for Theatre Educators and their Students Session Eleven

    Posted 16 days ago

    Distance Ensemble Experiences for Theatre Educators and their Students Session Eleven
    May 20, 2020
    The experiences detailed can be used for Warmups, Collaboration, Cool Downs. Students experience the 21st Century Skills-Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration (by distance). I do not teach Theatre Games, because games indicate a winner and loser. In Ensemble Experiences, each participant is a winner. We work with Objective, Obstacles, Tactics and articulating participant's thoughts and feelings with Reflective Inquiry.
    For Distance Learning, students need be seated so that you can see each. Later you will ask each to stand; they need to stand with some open distance for movement. It is great if students can view all of the participants.
    Educators, you have permission to tweak any experience to fit your needs. Enjoy.

    An actor is invited to address any inhibitors prior to the experience.
    Ensemble based learning/cooperative learning/make your partner look good-even at a distance.

    **For the Rest of Your Life
    Objective: Everyone learns the following chant and actions: "Jump in; (All jump forward.) Jump out; (All jump back) __(teacher calls the first name) Hey_____ Introduce yourself. (called on actor) Hi. My name is. . . I like to (says some appropriate action that all can replicate and does the action) And I'll be (says the same action and does it) for the rest of my life. All: Hi (calls the actor by name). They like to (say the action and do it). And they will be (saying the action and doing it) for the rest of their life.
    All: Jump in: (all jump forward) Jump out. (all jump back) Introduce yourself. (first actor calls on another actor.) Hey____Introduce yourself. Complete the sequence until every member is called on.

    Obstacle: Action must be within the computer's camera range.
    Tactics: Think of an action all can replicate.

    End the session with a group call out. "For the rest of my life."

    **Beat Rap Poem
    Teacher establishes an order for speaking. Asks for a made-up creative title of something appropriate for a potential Rap Poem with a rhythm, with actors speaking only one word at a time. Underscoring beat sounds can be added after a word is added to the creation. Once the poem has finished with a natural finish, the actor does the "snap, snap, snap" All join in with the snaps. the next actor announces a created title and the next Rap Poem is created. Different sounds are added using quiet hands, feet, mouth. To begin it might be easy to announce one word topic/titles, such as "flower," "clouds," "love," etc.
    Objective: Listen to each member of the ensemble so that the group can create an organic free form poem.
    Obstacles: Keeping attention and knowing when a poem has organically finished. Making the poem appropriate so that no one is embarrassed by content or words.

    This Beat Rap Poem can continue for a few rounds. Celebrate with snap, snap, snap.

    **Family portraits-nonverbal
    Teacher breaks the entire group into meeting rooms of 3-4 members. The actors nonverbally decide on an order of actors to move. Once a family is announced, actors #1 in each room moves without sound establishing a recognizable pose, the #2 moves, #3 moves, #4 moves. All hold that family pose for 5 counts.
    Objective: to work nonverbally establishing recognizable family portrait
    Obstacles: Allow the students to talk about potential obstacles and Tactics.
    Possible Family Portraits
    Circus performers, Librarians, Firefighters; Lion Tamers, Sales persons. Etc.
    After a few minutes of your announcing family portraits, ask the actors to call out appropriate possible family portraits.
    Closure: Have each group recreate their favorite family portrait while the groups watches and calls out which family portrait the group is portraying.

    Celebrate the ensemble building that went on.

    More Distance Learning Ensemble Experiences soon.

    Gai Laing Jones