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Shakespeare Duo Scenes

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    Posted 13 days ago
    Hey educators! What are your favorite 2-person scenes to use with students who are new to performing Shakespeare?

    Elizabeth Berg
    Drama Teacher

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    Posted 12 days ago
    Most of The Comedy of Errors is packed with funny two-person scenes.

    Billy Houck

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    Posted 12 days ago
    Great question! For students new to performing Shakespeare I like:

    Demetrius and Helena from Midsummer (fun and physical)
    Rosalind and Celia from As You Like It
    Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse from Comedy of Errors
    Adriana and Lucetta from Comedy of Errors
    Romeo and Juliet - their first meeting, maybe the balcony scene as well
    Benedick and Beatrice - Much Ado
    Ferdinand and Miranda - The Tempest
    Petruchio and Katharine - Taming of the Shrew

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    Posted 12 days ago
    2 person Shakescenes:
    A beautiful romantic comic scene which is seldom done is the scene between Julia and her maid Lucetta in Two Gentleman of Verona (1.2). Bit like Juliet and the nurse from R. and J. but there is a letter. Good for both characters and stands alone with just a brief intro. 1.1 is ok as well for 2 young guys. Proteus and Valentine. Not as good as girls' scene but they do go well together. Hope this adds to your list. Good for high school situations for young actors.
    John Sweeney

    John Sweeney
    St. Catharines ON