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Wireless Communication System

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    Posted 06-13-2018 11:28
    I'm looking to invest in a new communication system. Right now I have 3 wired Clearcoms which are older than old. They squeal when you widen the headband to put it on or take it off your head, they're static-y, and frankly not long for this world. I would really love to get a system that is wireless, so my crew and I are not tethered to a wall during a show. I would also prefer to have about 6 headsets so I can cover myself, a stage manager, an asst. stage manager, lights operator, sound operator, and deck master. Our theater is massive. It's about 155 feet from back of house to the upstage wall, so it needs to be a wireless system that can handle that sort of distance. And lastly, we use about 14 wireless Senneheiser EW100 G3 mics for our shows, so it can't have interference with those transmitters or receivers. And lastly, I'd like to keep the budget around $5,000 - $7,000.

    Any suggestions?

    Rachel Snow
    Drama and Technical Theater Teacher
    Alhambra High School
    Alhambra CA

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    Posted 06-13-2018 22:42
    ​Good Evening,

    I believe that ClearCom has a wireless solution. It may be out of your budget. Out sister school uses Eartec. They seem to work very well in their large space. It is completely portable. I believe that it can only support a total of (6).
    Eartec remove preview
    Eartec manufactures a full line of economically priced professional communication headsets that provide crystal clear voice transmission.
    View this on Eartec >

    Crit Fisher
    Lighting/Sound Designer
    New Albany High School

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    Posted 06-14-2018 07:29
    I just bought several Eartec headsets during this past school year to use for our productions.  They worked out great for the students (who absolutely loved them and how easier it made things) and allowed freedom of movement  I'd definitely recommend. Just remember to not leave the batteries in when you aren't using them!

    Jason Lehman
    Jackson High School
    McDonough GA

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    Posted 06-14-2018 09:05
    We were in exactly your boat this year - Our 20 year old wired headsets were on their last legs and we wanted something that would provide more mobility. After doing a LOT of research, we asked our ur booster club to purchase the Eartec Ultralite system (4 wireless 1-ear headsets) and the kids love them.  Our space is also enormous, with lots of concrete, and the range on these is great - no problem going from lobby or light booth to backstage.

    Pros: good range, haven't had any reports of volume problems (reported by other users), very comfortable headsets. Kids love the mobility

    Cons: slight hiss (I'm super sound sensitive and a noticed it, but it didn't distract from conversation). when all four headsets are in use, you can get some drop out - we've only used them on 1 show, so still exploring when and what causes the problem.

    Overall, can definitely recommend them for the price.  With your budget,  you might consider the Eartec Comstar system which looks a little beefier.

    Ashley Bishop
    Birmingham AL

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    Posted 06-14-2018 09:23
    The Eartec system (UltraLite) that Crit shows can run 4 headset transceivers (no belt packs needed) but with the addition of "The Hub" that extends to 6 headset transceivers plus the hub can act as a 7th wired station with a plug in headset.  They have single and dual earmuff transceivers.  Cost for 7 stations with dual ear muffs is around $1600.  Have used them in a theatre about your size with excellent results - even reaching a classroom across the hall behind the stage used as a green room.
    Eartec also do the Comstar Series headset Transceivers (these are a bit heavier duty in both construction and RF performance - 6 channel system under $4000.  Claimed range is upto 1200ft.  Can run up to 16 stations - each additional transceiver is $650

    Crit has provided the link direct to Eartec's website, or you can usually get them from your local sound and/or lighting provider - or you can contact me.

    Rod Reilly
    Owner, Bodymics
    Somerset NJ

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    Posted 06-14-2018 17:04
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    Sounds like you have given a lot of thought to what you need. I can't recommend any one brand, but for anyone thinking about installing or upgrading a headset system, I've attached the manuscript of the Headset chapter from my book. Lots of things to consider before you price out your system: how many, positions, wired vs wireless, single vs double muff, batteries, single vs double channel, and more.

    Beth Rand, EBMS
    Lighting Designer
    School Theatre Operations Coach


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    Posted 06-23-2018 00:57
    I have used Eartech for a little over a year now.  We love them.  An added feature to the hub system is that with a second hub you can connect up to 14 headsets.  Also, we had a mic stop working and they fixed it at a reasonable price and quickly.

    Andrew Fisher
    Canon City CO