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1.  Sticky Cubes

Posted 12 days ago

I know you've all seen the SNL sketches about high school theatre and the use of black cubes. Yeah, I love those boxes and use them a lot! What I can't figure out what to do is how to reduce the stickiness they have when stacked, especially during a show in which they move from scene to scene. Any ideas? Is it the paint (I use a primer + paint flat interior latex)? I have also noticed that this happens with platforms.

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2.  RE: Sticky Cubes

Posted 11 days ago
There aren't really any great cures for that.  I sometimes buy theatrical clear coat and mix it in my paint or mix with water and do a coat over once the paint dries.  You can get different sheens so it doesn't have to be shiny.

Joel King
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3.  RE: Sticky Cubes

Posted 10 days ago
What I’ve heard (and found with a quick Google search) is: “The problem is known as blocking, and can be caused by many factors such as applying an overly thick layer of paint, not allowing adequate drying between coats, reactions between the primer and the finish coat or the temperature at which the paint was applied... too hot or cold.” It’s like the latex paint never fully dries, hence the stickiness. The permanent solution seems to be sanding the paint off and starting over.

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