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Cold read ESL resources, tips, articles?

  • 1.  Cold read ESL resources, tips, articles?

    Posted 09-12-2018 10:48
    I have several English as Second Language (ESL) students and I am teaching my students about cold reading. Typically this covers quick script analysis shortcuts. Such as focus on key parts of speech. My ESL students have difficulty with this as English is not their first language and they told me it often takes them a few readings of a word to grasp it's true meaning. This makes scanning a script in 30 seconds very difficult.

    Are there any "shortcut" shortcuts, tips, tricks, resources, other that any director has found work well for ESL students?

    My goal is to make them more successful within 30 seconds rather than simply give them more time as a professional opportunity would not offer them the luxury of more time.

    Andrew Tripoli
    Canby OR