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  • 1.  Chopping wood

    Posted 10-19-2015 20:46
    We are doing Dark of the Moon. Any ideas on how to seemingly chop wood on stage safely and realistically in a small intimate theater?

  • 2.  RE: Chopping wood

    Posted 10-20-2015 07:33

    May I suggest you precut the pieces of wood to almost the breaking point. Then the force of the axe should create a good break.

    Karin Stratton
    Director / Instructor
    MSD of Pike Township
    Indianapolis IN

  • 3.  RE: Chopping wood

    Posted 10-20-2015 08:35

    Pre-split the wood and lightly re-attach with a bit of putty or other adhesive. It will easily 'split' when chopped on stage. If you want sound to accompany the split you could record, but if you use a large log base to split the wood on and dull axe, you can get your sound when the axe hits the base. If your setting is so intimate you do not want to go with an authentic axe, but want to use one made of hard wood, that sound might be enough for you as well.

    Jill Campbell
    Pine Grove Mills PA

  • 4.  RE: Chopping wood

    Posted 02-10-2020 09:07
    Would it break your illusion to have them do it in mime, perhaps timed to sound effects?

    Josh Kauffman
    Teacher, Thespian Society/Drama Club sponsor
    Winfield City Schools
    Winfield, AL