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Almost, Maine, outdoors

  • 1.  Almost, Maine, outdoors

    Posted 02-21-2021 19:38
    Hi all,

    Has anyone done "Almost, Maine" in an outdoor setting? We're looking at doing it this spring, and, to avoid lots of issues, I'm thinking about setting up some chairs and lights in a field and doing it there- makeshift platform stage with minimal scenery. I just can't figure out how to drop a shoe! So maybe someone on here has a suggestion better than having my stage manager chuck it onstage.

    Michael Bergman
    He/Him/His pronouns
    The Potomac School
    McLean, VA

  • 2.  RE: Almost, Maine, outdoors

    Posted 02-22-2021 17:48
    I think Almost, Maine outside would be simply beautiful! The shoe is tricky. I don't have a suggestion better than the stage manager tossing it. But it would certainly be funny!

    Summer Heartt
    Theatre Arts - Teacher/Director
    American Canyon High School
    American Canyon, California, USA

  • 3.  RE: Almost, Maine, outdoors

    Posted 02-23-2021 07:32
    Yes, I would agree, I think Almost, Maine outside would be great.  I think, in terms of the shoe, I would just have a stage manager or technician bring the shoe "on stage" maybe make a pretty bid deal of it and play the silence.  I also think rehearsal will yield a lot of fun solutions to many of the staging questions the play holds.

    Michael Johnson
    Trinity High School

  • 4.  RE: Almost, Maine, outdoors

    Posted 02-23-2021 09:08
    Can you try using a rigged up crane or a platform with a crew member stationed to throw it at the right moment?
    The shoe can "drop" from anywhere, so even if it is tossed from very slightly above them, the gag should work.