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Classroom Light lab

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    Posted 02-26-2020 15:48
    I teach Drama and Theatre at an elementary magnet school and we no longer really use our light setup on our stage, since we use the stage at the district's Performing Arts Centre. I'm wondering about moving some of the lights (like 3 or so) and a small board into my classroom. I have a small stage in my (rather large) classroom and want to introduce my kids to how light works. Has anyone done something like this and if so, what are some tips in accomplishing this?


    Carmen Teague
    Drama Teacher
    Visual and Performing Arts Magnet
    Jonesboro, AR

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    Posted 02-27-2020 13:40
    I think that's a great idea.  I do that with some of my classes when it is more convenient or when the stage is unavailable.

      You could set up a lighting tree with a couple of par cans - or even a boom for some heavier lights - plug them into a dimmer pack controlled by DMX from your board, and you're all set.

      If you want to teach them how to hang and focus an ERS etc., you might want to put together a free-standing, horizontal pipe at roughly chest-height.  Two boom-bases (like these or these), two cheeseboroughs or rota-locks, and some 1.5", schedule 40, black iron pipe from Lowes or Home Depot (cut to length and threaded in-store :-) would do the trick.  It just depends on what you have lying around or are able to get a hold of.

    Guy Barbato
    Theatre Teacher/Director
    Leonardtown MD

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    Posted 02-27-2020 14:02
    Yes, I do this in my Studio Theatre / Black Box Theatre / Classroom.
    It's fairly large so we use one end as the lab area.
    Lighting Lessons are different for the various age groups, but each class can use the lab to complete their observations, assumptions, trials, and practice.
    I use ellipsoidals from my old portable elation system which has 110 plugs.  (We have to be careful how many we plug in which is a great lesson in Ohm's Law.)
    Eventually we plug them into the Elation Pro-bars and use the dimmer board for levels and cues.
    Trust your instincts.
    You have some great ideas going there.

    Kathy Siler
    Theatre Educator
    Payson Unified Schools
    Payson AZ

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    Posted 02-28-2020 10:16
    Edited by Crit Fisher 02-28-2020 10:16

    This is fabulous. We have something similar and the students really enjoy it. In the past I have had the tech kids pick a scene in the play and with four instruments, light the scene. They focus, hang and gel the instruments and put it in a cue.

    Crit Fisher
    Lighting/Sound Designer
    New Albany High School