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Theatre Covid procedures upon reopening!!??!!

  • 1.  Theatre Covid procedures upon reopening!!??!!

    Posted 29 days ago
    Hey thespians,
    I am wanting to know what your covid reopening is looking like as far as what procedures and guidelines, etc. you are putting in place for reopening your school theatre spaces. Is your theatre also being used as a classroom? Also if you know of any procedures etc for any community or professional theatre organizations you may be a part of, that information would be helpful as well. Thank you for your input in advance!

    Danyale Taylor
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    The Paideia School, Atlanta GA

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    Posted 28 days ago
    Hi Danyale.

    I'm sure your post will get multiple responses. There is, of course, no one strategy for restarting school theatre programs, given the different needs, conditions, and expectations of every school community. You may already be aware of EdTA's Recommendationd for Reopening School Theatre Programs guide, but just in case you're not, here's the link to the guide:

    The guide is certainly not the last word in what should and should not be done regarding the safe resumption of school-based theatre instruction and performance, but perhaps it can give some insight as to what might work best in your district, along with the input you may receive from your peers in this thread.

    Best regards,
    Jim Palmarini

    James Palmarini
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    Educational Theatre Association
    Cincinnati OH

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    Posted 27 days ago
    Thank you. Yeah I have been researching. I am just curious what you all have to say. 

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    Posted 25 days ago
    I've found the EdTA guidance document very helpful. I'm also using information from our state music educator's association (some of which is coming from NAfME), Event Safety Alliance document, KY Healthy At Work Requirements for Venue and Event Spaces (we have a theatre in our district used by schools and community), and the Facebook group Theatre Education Distance Learning as well as this forum. Break A Leg! We're all in this together!

    Jane Dewey
    Director of Arts Education
    Lexington KY

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    Posted 25 days ago
    Thank you