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1.  Short plays for disabled adults

Posted 03-19-2017 17:26

Hi, My wife just started working as a drama teacher for a local organization that teaches adults with all types of disabilities. This is new to her, and we are trying to find some short plays that they might be able to do. She was told she has to do something about 30 minutes long. Preferably something that would include some fun costumes as she is also teaching them to create their own costumes. Any help would be great as this is very new to the both of us and we don’t really have a lead. Thanks in advance!

Dan Mellitz
Technical Director
St Andrews School
Barrington, RI

2.  RE: Short plays for disabled adults

Posted 03-20-2017 09:33
Fairy Tale Courtroom by Dana Proulx, Baker's Plays.  There are two plays in one and you could pick one or do both.  The leads need to be strong because they have the most lines, but there are several smaller parts and the students could create their own costumes based on the familiar fairy tale characters!  

3.  RE: Short plays for disabled adults

Posted 03-20-2017 14:07
Sadly I don't really have anything I can share here from OSF, but wanted you to know about PHAME Academy in Portland. They are an amazing organization that does this very thing. PHAME  I would reach out to Stephen Marc Beaudoin who is the Executive Director. He may have some suggestions for you. 

Katherine Gosnell
Outreach Programs Manager
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Ashland OR

4.  RE: Short plays for disabled adults

Posted 03-20-2017 16:19
Explore Readers Theatre. This can work well for those who make have physical handicaps or for students who may have difficulty memorizing. I once did a selection of Native American folk tales where the narrator was a Native American girl confined to a wheel chair. 

Then you can do any script. Or you can write your own using material from other sources that uses dramatic or comic readings, poetry, choral interp, etc. Fairy tales and folk tales lend themselves to fun costumes.

Hopes this helps.

James Van Leishout
Olympia WA

5.  RE: Short plays for disabled adults

Posted 03-20-2017 17:47
A former student of mine works for a theater in Minneapolis that specializes in theater for the disabled.   The theater is called Interact Theater.   His name is Scotty Reynolds.  His e-mail address is   You can contact him and ask him if he/they have any plays that would be useful. 

Mark Quinlan
teacher/director of theater/head speech coach
Centennial School District, ISD#12
Circle Pines MN