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Newsies' props

  • 1.  Newsies' props

    Posted 12-06-2019 13:17
    We're getting ready for our production of Newsies.  Does anyone have a good source for newspapers that will look like 1899 newspapers or inexpensive but sturdy satchels?

    Rebecca Reisert
    St. Xavier High School
    Louisville KY

  • 2.  RE: Newsies' props

    Posted 12-07-2019 08:03
    Good Morning.
    We built satchels for our production of Newsies and they are available for rent if you are interested. We can ship to you. Also, we built newspaper stacks via our props department that were easy to make if you are interested in directions. From the stage they were very effective.

    Good luck with your production.

    James Fry
    Director of Student Life and the Malvern Theatre Society
    Malvern, PA