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1.  Improv Class/ Curriculum?

Posted 12 days ago
I have taught improv throughout the years, and have formed various improv groups/ performances/ teams for my jr high and high school students. I think it would be a fantastic focus for a class.

Have any of you taught (or presently teach) an improv class as a high school elective?

If so, I would welcome any insight as to the structure and scope of the course.


2.  RE: Improv Class/ Curriculum?

Posted 11 days ago

"The Ultimate Improv Book" (available in the Resources section of the EdTA Store) is a great foundation for curriculum; I use it extensively.

Robert Roy
Act2 Theatre Company
Pinckney Community High School
Pinckney MI

3.  RE: Improv Class/ Curriculum?

Posted 11 days ago
I can recommend "Improv for Actors" by Dan Diggles. An excellent resource for designing curriculum, step by step.
Good luck!

Dawn DeMaio
Theater Teacher/ Director
GW Hewlett High School
Hewlett, NY

4.  RE: Improv Class/ Curriculum?

Posted 10 days ago
I also built a curriculum around Dan Diggles' book.  It is excellent.

Rick Osann
Theatre Teacher
Maine Chapter Director
Standish, ME

5.  RE: Improv Class/ Curriculum?

Posted 9 days ago
Thank you all for the suggestions!

Danette Bathauer
Drama Teacher
Atherton CA