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"Joseph" Regular vs Megamix

  • 1.  "Joseph" Regular vs Megamix

    Posted 03-24-2020 16:56
    Hi all,

    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these crazy times.

    I was wondering if any had more insight into the the two different versions of "Joseph" available for license. I have directed the Megamix version (with about 40 kids) before but am considering doing the Regular version with a much smaller cast (about 14 kids). I have two main questions...

    1. Is the 1982 Original Broadway Cast Recording identical to this version? I love the transition from the Prologue into Jacob and Sons (skipping over Any Dream Will Do), but am not sure if this is actually within the score.

    2. Are the orchestrations stripped down or just smaller versions of the Megamix? Again, relating back to the 1982 OBC Recording and whether this is an accurate representation.

    Hopefully some people can shed some light!

    Michael Busani
    Boston MA

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    Posted 03-25-2020 08:14
    I've looked into producing "Joseph" in the past and was told that producing the smaller original piece was not an option.  I would recommend that you contact the author's agent, however, as it would be wonderful if the smaller version of the piece was available for production.  I was in the cast for said work at a regional theater at one point, and it was a wonderful experience.

    Michael Johnson
    Trinity NC

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    Posted 03-25-2020 10:22
    Edited by Rosemary Bucher 04-06-2020 00:01
    Hi friends,

    Happy to share some insight! The standard version (no megamix) is 10 pieces, and the megamix version is 15 pieces. Both versions are currently available to use for your production, if you're approved for JOSEPH! Unfortunately, as with many shows, available cast albums don't specifically line up with the licensed versions.

    The two versions are a bit different, so we recommend reviewing the digital perusals available through our website if you'd like to compare. The standard version uses the 90 Minute New Stage Edition edited by Roy Moore, and the megamix uses the 1993 UK Tour version.

    I hope that helps!

    Rosemary Bucher
    Educational Theatre Licensing Coordinator
    Concord Theatricals
    New York, NY

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    Posted 03-26-2020 08:37
    That's great news!

    Michael Johnson
    Trinity NC

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    Posted 04-05-2020 22:43
    I'm going to be working on Joseph this summer and have been researching it. I did not even realize that there were multiple versions. I have yet to receive the script we will be using, so until we receive them, I will not try to plan too far ahead in choreography through only seeing the show or listening to a recording.

    This was very enlightening, thank you!

    Kaitlyn Eichler
    Clearwater FL

  • 6.  RE: "Joseph" Regular vs Megamix

    Posted 04-06-2020 08:35
    There is no version for licence that matches up with the Broadway version from the early '80's. The 10 piece version is closer to the 1974 studio version of "Joseph". While the album did not contain the Prologue, and just started with "Jacob and Sons", the 10 piece version contains the "Some Folks Dream" intro seguing into "Any Dream". If you wish to skip the "Any Dream Will Do" section and go straight into "Jacob and Sons", it is fairly easy as the 10 piece version of "Some Folks Dream" starts in D, modulates to E and "Jacob and Sons" is in E, which makes for an easy transition.

    The two different versions have a lot of songs in different keys as well. The 10 piece version follows the 74 studio album (as well as the published abridged vocal score from Hal Leonard) and the 15 piece version is closer to the "Donny Osmond" version. The 10 piece does not contain the extended dance sequences found in the 15 piece.

    Here is a list I had of the keys of the two different versions. The first key listed is from the 10 piec and the second is from the 15 piece.
    Act I
    "Prologue- Some Folks Dream" - Narrator (D_E) (B_Db)
    "Jacob & Sons" - Narrator, Brothers, Wives, Chorus (E) (Same)
    "Joseph's Coat" - Jacob, Joseph, Narrator, Brothers, Wives, Chorus (E_F) (D_Eb)
    "Joseph's Dreams" - Narrator, Joseph, Brothers (F_Bb) (Same)
    "Poor, Poor Joseph" - Narrator, Brothers, Wives, Chorus (F_Db) (Same)
    "One More Angel in Heaven " - Reuben, Jacob, Ensemble (F) (Same)
    "Journey to Egypt" - Narrator (Fm) (Same)
    "Potiphar" - Narrator, Joseph, The Potiphars, Ensemble (E_Em_E) (Same)
    "Close Every Door" - Joseph, Chorus (Fm) (Same)
    "Go, Go, Go Joseph" - Narrator, Joseph, Baker, Butler, Ensemble (Gm_G) (Em_G_A)

    Act II
    "Pharaoh Story" - Narrator, Chorus (E) (C)
    "Poor, Poor Pharaoh" - Narrator, Butler, Pharaoh, Joseph (F_Em) (Same) "Song of the King" - Pharaoh, Ensemble (E) (Same)
    "Song of the King (Reprise)" - Pharaoh, Ensemble (E) (Same)
    "Pharaoh's Dreams Explained" - Joseph, Ensemble(E) (Same)
    "Stone the Crows" - Pharaoh, Narrator, Joseph, Female Ensemble, (Eb) (Same)
    "Those Canaan Days" - Brothers, Jacob (Fm) (Same)
    "The Brothers Come to Egypt/ Grovel Grovel" - Narrator, Ensemble(Eb_Gb) (D_F)
    "Who's the Thief?" - Joseph, Narrator, Brothers, Ensemble (Ab_F) (Ab_G)
    "Benjamin Calypso" - Judah, Brothers, Ensemble (F) (Same)
    "Joseph All the Time" - Narrator, Brothers, Ensemble (F) (Same)
    "Jacob in Egypt" - Ensemble (C) (Same)
    "Any Dream Will Do (Finale)" - Joseph, Narrator, Ensemble (C) (A_C)

    Thomas Peters
    Theatre and Speech Teacher
    The Summit Country Day School
    Cincinnati OH