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Mary Poppins trick cake

  • 1.  Mary Poppins trick cake

    Posted 03-11-2018 19:36
    We open in two weeks and I am looking for the trick cake in Mary Poppins.  Anybody in the Baltimore/Washington/NOVA area have the cake that is magically iced by Mary Poppins.  OR are there any magicians out there who can explain how to do the trick in this video?


    Mary Poppins Magic cake
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    Mary Poppins Magic cake
    My first prop ever! This cake is magically frosted for the musical Mary Poppins. The design was inspired by this video: If anyone is interested I can show how it was put together. Thanks for viewing😀
    View this on YouTube >

    Marla Blasko
    Director/Teacher Theatre Arts
    Long Reach High School
    Columbia, Maryland

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    Posted 03-12-2018 05:04
    It looks to me like this:  The finished cake is a hollow casing that fits inside the lid. When the lid is put down on the raw cake, a latch in the handle releases the shell to sit down on top of the raw cake. Voila!

    Floyd Nash
    [Theatre teacher]
    Deerfield Beach High
    Deerfield Beach, FL

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    Posted 03-12-2018 07:56
    Concept is pretty straightforward - inside the cloche (cover) is a hollow iced "cake" that fits over the plain base "cake". The tricky part of the execution is that the hollow "cake" has to be kept securely inside the cloche until desired release by a movable interior (note the careful placement and hand movements when the cloche was placed over the cake - that was aligning the false interior to release). The secure/release would make fabrication difficult. I would find the budget to order one from a magic store. Maybe you have a local bakery that would sponsor the prop and foot the bill.

    Janet Wood
    Drama Director
    [Columbia High School]
    [Columbia] [PA]

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    Posted 03-12-2018 10:24
    Sorry - it's The Props Attic, not the Prop Shop.

    Amy Goldin
    COPA Inc.: College Options in the Performing Arts

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    Posted 03-12-2018 10:23
    Hi - great video! I saw on the video notes that The Prop Shop, which posted it, invited anyone who is interested in finding out how to do it, to contact them. Hope that's helpful!

    Amy Goldin
    COPA Inc.: College Options in the Performing Arts

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    Posted 03-12-2018 10:56
    I just closed Mary Poppins and I rented that prop and a few others to save time, but the one I rented was super simple. Put a "cake" on a tray. Decorate a slightly larger empty shell that easily fits over the cake on the tray as the frosted cake. Find a cake cover that fits over the decorated cake. Securely attach and hide a screw or other long, thin rod as part of the frosting to the decorated cake shell. Drill a hole in the cake cover directly over the screw and attach a large clip under the handle. Paint the entire thing to conceal the trick. When it is time to frost the cake, place the cover and decorated shell over the unfrosted cake, squeeze the clip and release the decorated shell on to the plain cake. The cake cover can be lifted as soon as it touches the tray and you have an instantly frosted cake.

    Let me know if I was unclear on any of the steps. Break a leg!


    Ann Hileman, M.A.
    Executive Board of Indiana Thespians
    Indiana Thespian Hall of Fame
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    Posted 03-12-2018 20:40
    One of our parents made our trick cake and here is how she did it:

    "I used three nesting boxes of varying sizes. The smallest is the decorated cake, the medium is the plain cake, and the largest is the dome. I put a magnet on the inside of the medium box and a larger one on the largest box. You will probably need a spacer on that one to make sure it reaches the other. We used a small block of wood that we had. We screwed that through the box to the handle that we used. It was very secure and held up very well.
    When decorating the "fancy cake" you have to make sure the space between that one and the medium one is ample enough. I used flowers and some foam beads cut in half. Those are squishy enough. For the plain cake, I just spray painted it brown. For the largest one "the dome" I used a silver metallic spray paint."

    It was very effective! if you would like more information, please let me know.

    Best Wishes,

    Susan Schoonmaker
    Vocal Music/Theatre Teacher
    Fabius-Pompey Middle School-High School
    Fabius, New York