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1.  Costume inventory

Posted 05-17-2017 18:51
Does anyone have a good template for keeping inventory of costumes that are used during a show? We end up renting and borrowing a lot of costumes and it's hard to keep track of what belongs to who
Lisa Singleterry
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2.  RE: Costume inventory

Posted 05-18-2017 08:30
i take pictures and put them on a power point/slide file and then save it.   I also include master cast photos.

Ryan Lee
Royal Palm Beach FL

3.  RE: Costume inventory

Posted 05-18-2017 08:31
In an effort to keep things pretty simple, we use different colors of fabric or hem tape, a different color for each source.  We cut small swatches of the fabric and use small safety pins to pin them into the costumes.  We try to be consistent as to where it's pinned so you don't have to search each garment when it's time to return. (i.e. center back inside the collar or waistband.) These stay in place through the run as well as laundering or dry cleaning and can easily be removed before the garment is returned.  We also save the pins for the next time because it is high school theater...we don't waste anything!.

Jenny Brotherton
Drama Coach-Teacher
Scranton PA

4.  RE: Costume inventory

Posted 05-18-2017 08:34
We do a simple colored ribbon safety pinned inside each piece. We use a sharpie and write the name of whom we borrowed it from. That way at strike time we can divide them quickly into piles.

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5.  RE: Costume inventory

Posted 05-18-2017 09:35
One thing that I've found that works well is to take a picture of the costume or costumes on a rack and send that to myself as a text message with the vendor or source in the message---  that way when we go to strike, we can figure out where we got it.  Another thing that I've found helpful is to just take an Avery label and stick it on the inside collar-- they come off and can easily be dry cleaned away.  If you want to get really fancy-- kind of a neat project for a tech student or class-- take a photo of each piece and on a blank toe-tag, glue the photo, write the costume, period, source, etc on there and safety pin it to the left sleeve.  This can also be used to note any alterations needed or to make note of needed repairs for your costume committee.  Then, during strike, it is easy to put those back on and return the items.

Michael Johnson
Trinity NC

6.  RE: Costume inventory

Posted 05-18-2017 12:08
I would download the EverNote app. Create a digital notebook and title it the name of the play/musical. The great thing about the app is that you can add photos to the notebook and tag the photo with the character's name or the company you rented the item from. You can even share the notebook with your costume lead or vice versa.

Waleksa Mendoza
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7.  RE: Costume inventory

Posted 05-22-2017 10:20
We are going to begin cataloging all of our costumes and props (years too late). We will be using Costume Inventory Resources
Costume Inventory Resources remove preview
Costume Inventory Resources
We have everything you need to organize your theatre, school or band costumes, uniforms, props and equipment.
View this on Costume Inventory Resources >

Rich Luedeke
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8.  RE: Costume inventory

Posted 05-23-2017 05:35
We use masking tape with lenders' names placed on inside collar. We also take quick snapshots as we hang on rack.

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9.  RE: Costume inventory

Posted 05-23-2017 12:16
I helped with a massive inventory of props and scenery some years ago, and then the costume department decided to follow suit. You may want to check out some of our up-front ideas and what we learned from the whole experience at:

George F. Ledo
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