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1.  Our Town doubling

Posted 12 days ago
Has anyone devised a doubling plan so they can perform Our Town without as many males (17) suggested?

David Kramer
Mt Sinai NY

2.  RE: Our Town doubling

Posted 11 days ago
I did the show some years ago with only seven men and it worked well.  I used a female stage manager--it worked wonderfully--a female Wally, and Constable Stoddard.  I also used girls as baseball players, "dead men", man in auditorium, choir members and others.  I doubled Farmer McCarthy with Joe Crowell and Professor Willard with Sam Craig.  

Amy Neal Bussey
Stuarts Draft High School
Drama and English Teacher
Theatre Program Director
VHSL One-Act & Forensics Coach

3.  RE: Our Town doubling

Posted 11 days ago
Hi there!

When my school put it on last year, we split up the stage manager into two roles, and one of them was a female. You could easily have the stage manager(s) be female.

We changed Mr. Morgan into Mrs. Morgan- instead of having the stage manager play Mr. Morgan, we had a girl play it.

Our Professor Willard was a female who doubled as Mrs. Morgan.

Sam Craig was Samantha Craig, Si Crowell was Sue Crowell, and Simon Stinson was Sandra Stinson.

Hope this was of some help!

Caroline Caden
ITO At Large
Troupe 7190
Marietta, GA