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System for organizes plays

  • 1.  System for organizes plays

    Posted 03-25-2020 09:35
    Hi everyone,

    I am getting through this pandemic crisis by cleaning out my closets and reorganizing my life so that I can hit the ground running when it is deemed safe to venture  out of our homes.  This week's project is to organize my play collection.  I have have a bizillion scripts - how do you organize your collection?
    • by author/playwright?
    • by genre (i.e. mystery, comedy, drama, classics, etc. )?
    • By title?  
    • by number of parts? 

    Thanks for sharing your 'system'  :)

    Marla Blasko
    Director/Teacher Theatre Arts
    Long Reach High School
    Columbia, Maryland

  • 2.  RE: System for organizes plays

    Posted 03-26-2020 08:50
    I had my students in my Theatre Productions class organize mine last year.  They did it by the color of the cover.  Makes it very difficult to find anything, but it looks cool.  

    Good luck. 

    Phillip C. Anderson
    Roncalli High School
    Director of Theatre Education

  • 3.  RE: System for organizes plays

    Posted 03-30-2020 15:42
    This is hilarious!

    Nick Hoffa
    Drama Director
    South Pasadena Unified
    South Pasadena CA

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    Posted 04-01-2020 13:11
    Last year a group of girls organized the costumes by least they kept all the dresses together, all the shirts together, etc. It was pretty, but near useless!

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    Posted 03-26-2020 11:07
    It's wonderful to have access to a lot of play scripts.  Here is the way I organized my script library closet.  I have the following categories organized in the closet: 1) Shakespeare collection by title of play, this section also includes all books about Shakespeare.  2) Greek Theatre collection by playwright, 3) Musicals by title, 4) Anthologies, multiple plays by the same playwright, 5) Collections, books with multiple plays by different playwrights, 6) Plays by time period (the library gave me their 'Best Plays of ...' series - I added by 'Restoration Plays' , etc.), 7) One-acts and short plays, 8) Plays Magazines, 9) Monologue source books, 10) Individual copies of play scripts by title (which takes up a majority of the shelving), and then I have 11) Radio and Television books and scripts, 12) Technical Theatre books, 13) Autobiographies of famous theatre folk, ie 'Act One' by Moss Hart,  and then I also have a couple file cabinets in the closet as well with alphabetized manuscripts of plays by title of the play.   It took some time to get it organized.  Each theatre class has an appointed Librarian that checks out and returns scripts.  I hope that helps.

    Glen Perazzo
    Churchill County Theatre Department
    Fallon, NV

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    Posted 03-27-2020 11:38
    We created several play libraries as above:  full length (largest), one act, anthologies, Shakespeare, and musical.  Plays are in each one by title (except Anthologies by title of book).  It took my theatre management class a couple weeks but we entered every play into a google spread sheet (any spread sheet will work) with Title, Playwright Last Name, Playwright first name, length of play, which library it is in.

    The document ended up being 28 pages and we put it in a notebook with the libraries.  Kids also use the live document to sort by playwright if they need to.....etc.  Kids can also check them out for projects through a handwritten check out sheet (we're trusting and I know I've lost a few a long the way), but my bookkeeper will send a fine if they don't return it.  A couple of my theatre management students work on it every once in  a while, adding new plays (to both libraries and catalog), re-filing plays.......etc.

    I end up ordering a lot 1-2 times a year when students are working on scenes or monologues and we don't have the full script yet because I require them to read the whole play.  Because we have quite a collection, I don't have to order as many anymore!

    Kelley Marchant
    Artistic Director/Teacher/Actress
    Milwaukie OR

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    Posted 03-26-2020 11:31
    Sounds like an excellent plan. I organize mine by genre, then by title.
    Take Care,

    Garry Tiller
    Theatre Arts Teaching Artist
    Sidwell Friends
    Washington, DC