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1.  Meisner

Posted 8 days ago
I am working on a project right now trying to hear the opinions of high school teachers on their opinions of the Meisner Technique being taught in high schools?

Some say it is great to teach the beginning stages and some say the method is too extreme.

I agree that it is a very difficult technique that requires focus and hard work but I wanted to hear some more opinions!

Thanks in advanced,

Brian Percival
Emporia KS

2.  RE: Meisner

Posted 8 days ago

I spent two years earning a master certification in Meisner and after having taught it at the high school level for the last three years, I must say that it is well worth exploring and offering to your high school aged students.

I have modified the work to suit high school students, but for the most part, I work with them through basic repetition, language repetition, imaginary circumstances, activities, coming to the door, and in the room scene work.  I do not teach Meisner until levels 2 & 3 however.  I do mention it at level 1 but my theatre I course is introductory--I have "billed" theatre 2/3 as having an acting focus.

I'm happy to answer any questions so feel free to email me directly here:

Looking forward to following this discussion,

A. W. Miller
Theatre Arts Director
 I.T.S. Troupe#1523 Director

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3.  RE: Meisner

Posted 6 days ago
I have taken many workshops on Meisner.  I have often used it in rehearsals, particularly for our one acts which is primarily for juniors and seniors.  I have seen it work very well and enhances the students understanding of their characters and being in the moment.  This is the most important element for our students as they spend so much time multi-tasking and focusing on many different things at once.  I have a DVD of him teaching that I show my students. After they get past the smoking(!) they find it interesting and are engaged.

Cathy Archer
Rutland VT