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1.  RENT School Edition

Posted 15 days ago
I am considering RENT as my spring musical this year and have been given permission by my admin to produce the show IF I do the authorized School Edition. Has anyone produced this version and if so, how does it compare to the original? I am fine with toning down the language of the piece (the biggest concern for my admin, frankly. It's a progressive school and they are fine with the subject matter) but I don't want to produce the show if the integrity of it is severely compromised. I'd probably prefer to just pick a different musical. 
Any thoughts?

John D. Monteverde
PHS - Drama Teacher

2.  RE: RENT School Edition

Posted 15 days ago
Here is the link for the Rent School Edition listing from MTI. It goes over the changes made to script and you can also order a perusal.

Hugh Fletcher
Performing Arts Coordinator
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Roosevelt NY

3.  RE: RENT School Edition

Posted 14 days ago
I was skeptical when I heard about the High School edition of RENT, but was urged by a theatre teacher from another school to give it a look.  I was quite surprised that the script/score had minimal changes.  The two biggest ones were the elimination of "Contact" and one verse of "La Vie Boheme". Aside from that, and the slight clean-up of language, the show was intact. We did it in 2012 and it was a remarkable experience. We contacted community support groups on homelessness and AIDS to educate the cast. (They set up tables in our lobby during the perfomances to educate our audiences.) I would not hesitate to recommend it, especially if you have administrative support.

Michael Bergman

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― Thomas Merton

4.  RE: RENT School Edition

Posted 14 days ago
I produced RENT in 2010 and our administration was very nervous about it. The changes to the script are not huge- they cut "Contact," some verses of La Vie Boheme are removed, and it's "cleaned up" in general. I found it to work really nicely for our needs. At the end of the show, our principal remarked on how pleased he was with the show, and how sorry he was to have given us a hard time about it. It was an excellent production, and the kids had a terrific experience. I hope you go through with it!

5.  RE: RENT School Edition

Posted 14 days ago
I did the school edition back around the time it first came out in 2008. I do not believe the integrity of the piece is compromised by the minor language changes and the elimination of the song "Contact." It was a fantastic experience. 

6.  RE: RENT School Edition

Posted 14 days ago
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I love the Junior versions
Corinne Walker
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7.  RE: RENT School Edition

Posted 9 days ago
I was a part of the school edition of RENT when I was in High School. Other than getting rid of "Contact" and some parts of "La Vie Boheme", it was mostly in tact.

It truly was an amazing experience.

Jason Wylie
NJ Thespians
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