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Theory of Relativity?

  • 1.  Theory of Relativity?

    Posted 04-11-2019 17:51
    Hi all.

    Anyone done "The Theory of Relativity"? I'd love to hear about your experience and thoughts. We are considering it for our musical spot next year.

    Melissa Carroll-Jackson

    Melissa Carroll-Jackson
    Director of Theatre
    Phoenix AZ

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    Posted 04-11-2019 20:19
    Edited by Lizzy Brannan 04-11-2019 20:20
    Hi! Our High School Troupe did this show last year at home and at one-Act competition. It was a SUPER enlightening experience for us on many levels. It's wonderful because you as the director have a blank slate with creativity. We first brought one of the science teachers to one of our rehearsals and had him explain the Theory. I met with him beforehand and had him explain some of the concepts to me first and then (after he explained it again) I showed him some of the script and we pieced some of the scientific concepts to connect on a personal level with the characters. The hardest part is being creative in forming relationships with the characters throughout the show when they don't know each other at the beginning. It's an exciting ride and the kids REALLY connected with it. Feel free to reach out in email to me if you need more help. I can tell you what we did for set as well. It's inexpensive.

    Lizzy Brannan
    Theatre/ Musical Theater/ Tech Theatre Teacher
    Orlando, FL

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    Posted 04-12-2019 07:31
    I am super interested in the concept, and I looked at it for last year. But I couldn't figure out how to get more than 13 people in it. And I don't love that there isn't s strong through-line, because we work on that a lot here with our work on characterization and objectives.

    Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
    Theatre Department Coordinator
    Fishersville VA

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    Posted 04-13-2019 07:41
    Our current cast is 21. The script allows for dividing certain roles into multiple roles and we added ensemble. My music director worked on the development of this piece at Goodspeed so he is able to contact the writers for help and suggestions along the way. The music is truly beautiful.
    Susan Sterman-Jones
    Theatre Teacher, Theatre Director
    7th Grade Advisor, GSA Co-leader
    Grace Church School

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    Posted 04-12-2019 07:38
    I am in the rehearsal process now.  We love it but do keep in mind that it is 90% music so you really have to have strong vocalists who can tell a story through song.  The set is very simple, there are almost no props (just two, really) and it's a modern day piece so costuming is straightforward. Also, there is little to no choreography but the staging allows for great creativity.  It's been wonderful for us to do something so different from what we usually do (last year we did 1776, the year before that Spelling Bee).

    Susan Sterman-Jones
    Drama Teacher/ Director
    Grace Church School
    New York NY

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    Posted 04-12-2019 10:40
    THEORY was our choice for the Musical Theatre class production last year as an option that would highlight the strengths of the various class members. We had students who were stronger actors than singers we could feature with the monologues and some really powerful vocalists who were able to shine with the songs. As others have said, it affords a lot of opportunities. We did it with 24 so it is possible to have more than 13. Greg Pschirrer directed and we had a phenomenal student teacher who musically directed and accompanied the show. I can honestly say it was one of our most well received shows because all ages could connect to elements of the individual stories. Production photos (pc: Scott Martinez) from our website can give you an idea of Greg's innovative and functional set design and how simple costumes/props can be. Highly recommend if you've got some kids with chops and are looking to build ensemble skills.

    Suzanne Maguire
    Associate Director,
    Lewis & Clark Tiger Drama
    WA State Thespian Board
    Spokane, WA

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    Posted 04-12-2019 12:25
    We are working on it RIGHT NOW!  It has been an awesome experience.  We even had a chance to Skype with the creators, Neil Bartram and Brian Hill.  My students love the music, characters, and relevant themes.  

    My challenge is the staging (which is personally always a challenge for me and musicals), and while this can be produced simply as more of a song cycle, we are working to bring the material together with more of a through-line.  

    Good luck!  It really is a beautiful show!

    Kristina Cummins
    Capital High School 
    NBCT English/ Language Arts
    Theatre Teacher / Director
    Co-Director Washington State Thespian Board
    (360) 596-8053