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Alice In Wonderland Help!

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    Posted 07-17-2019 10:22
    Hi there, 
    I don't know which Alice Script to get. I have 27 actors in high school. We are not doing the musical version, but I wouldn't be opposed to one that has a song or two...There are so many adaptations. Recommendations anyone?

    Mrs. Carina Stiles
    Theatre Director/Instructor
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    Posted 07-22-2019 09:21

    Hi Carina! Fortunately, there have been a few past threads about different versions of this script. You can search past conversations by using the search feature on the right side of the blue navigation bar on our website. Here are some to get you started:


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    Ginny Butsch
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    Posted 07-23-2019 12:21
    Jason Pizzerala's script is a good choice for classical Alice. We did it a couple of years ago and my group loved it.

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    Posted 07-24-2019 17:26
    I think I've done more production of Alice in Wonderland than any other title. Four times, we adapted and devised the production directly from Lewis Carroll. Since most of the students were only familiar with the Tenniel illustrations and/or the Disney animated movie, I showed the cast clips from an assortment of film versions and illustrations by a range of illustrators (there's a great book called "The Illustrators of Alice" by Graham Ovenden and John Davis) to try to get them to think more open-mindedly about the way to represent the characters. Each of these productions ended up completely different from the other three. The process of adaptation was wonderfully educational and the student had tremendous ownership of the production. The last time I directed Alice, we used the Manhattan Project (Andre Gregory) script, which differs greatly from Carroll's original, but has recognizable elements. There are children's theatre scripts galore, along with the classic Eva LeGallienne/Florida Friebus version that combines an Act I "Alice in Wonderland" with an Act II "Through the Looking Glass."

    Michael Bergman
    The Potomac School
    McLean, VA

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    Posted 07-25-2019 07:41
    You might explore the adaptation by Alice Gerstenberg. It was a Broadway production in 1915 and is very faithful to the source material. We did it several years ago with great success, as did Cedarville University in Ohio. We added a scene at the top of act two in the flower garden to allow for a few more female actors. The script is worth a look and can be accessed as a free perusal download.

    Rich Luedeke
    Blackhawk Christian Theatre
    Fort Wayne, IN