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Is there room for another virtual musical??

  • 1.  Is there room for another virtual musical??

    Posted 07-06-2020 10:21
    Edited by Larry Little 07-07-2020 08:25

    Hi everyone,

    I have been a member of EdTA ever since my musical MATHLETE SUM-IT was licensed by TRW.  I was thrilled to see the amazing performances and talk to some very creative and dedicated teachers at the festival.

    A few months ago a teacher asked if we could create a new virtual online musical for her students.  She told me the choices were extremely limited and she wanted some new appropriate, funny material.  So, I agreed and we created THE MYSTERY OF CUSTODIA.  The story was created using interviews with many students from around the country.  30 minutes long, all solos and monologues designed to be rehearsed and performed at home.  BUT, I do have one teacher who is rehearsing her students live (using masks and social distancing rules.)  There are four pilot productions this month.

    Here is my question to the group - is there room for another virtual musical?  I would love to give my team another project, but I want to make sure teacher have a use for it. AND if so, what kind of show would you be interested in seeing?

    I would love to get your feedback.


    Larry Little
    CPA Theatricals, Inc.

    Larry Little
    Chicago IL

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    Posted 10 hours ago

    @Larry Little

    Hi Larry,

    Great Job on Mathlete. It was on my list Last season but if memory serves, I need at least 25 speaking roles. 

    Absolutely!  I need musicals for virtual production.  Lots of monologues & solos please. 65-120 minutes. The more leads the better (4+) many supporting roles (3+), many Featured roles (7+). Many Directors Have their own set of criteria to determine who is a lead, supporting, etc. based on things like, who moves the plot or sub plots along. For casting purposes, I use # of lines as my barometer:  lead=100+, Supporting: 51-99 (prefer high Supporting), Featured:  21-50 (prefer high Featured).  For a point of reference Glinda=50; she is basically in 2 scenes in Oz, a Featured.

    Looking forward to seeing what you put out, and I'll revisit Mathlete for this season.  

    Maria Stadtmueller
    St. Augustine School
    Kendall Park, NJ
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  • 3.  RE: Is there room for another virtual musical??

    Posted 20 minutes ago

    Great to hear from you.  Thanks for your thoughts about MATHLETE SUM-IT. But, we have a small version of the show as well!  Same music, same characters, same plot - 6 characters.  AND, if you need something in between you can use the large cast version and cut or combine roles.  I have seen the show done with about 12-15 actors!  We give our teachers lots of flexibility in casting and line assignments!

    Also great to hear about needing a new online musical.  Since you are the only one I heard from, I assume that not many other teachers have your same need.  Darn.  BUT, we did create THE MYSTERY OF CUSTODIA - a completely on line musical and we adapted our Christmas musical THE LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS to be socially distanced.  Love to get your feedback from you on these.

    Thanks again,
    Larry Little

    Larry Little
    CPA Theatricals, Inc.