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Distant Learning Theatre Games

  • 1.  Distant Learning Theatre Games

    Posted 21 days ago
    Looking for some theatre games for high school level actors that can be effectively done on Zoom.   Or looking for resources of theatre games that can be done on zoom.  I have found some wonderful games that would be more effective for lower grade levels - but nothing that would be geared more toward high school.

    Ted Curry MSOD
    St. Ignatius College Preparatory
    2001 37th Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94116

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    Posted 20 days ago
    Hi Ted,
    I just watched the Edta Pro Webinar on Improv (recorded this past May)  and they demonstrated about 6 familiar games modified for zoom.  It was great!  They did a mirror exercise, 3 changes, an advice game called "the good, bad, and ugly",  a dating game variation called "Speed Friending", Alphabet Speech, a game called "Press conference" and an object endowment exercise.  After seeing the webinar I already have ideas on how to modify other games.  It also demonstrates how to use the chat for generating audience suggestions and selecting volunteers.

    Thank you and great job to everyone who created the webinar!

    Tiffany Daily
    San Mateo CA

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    Posted 19 days ago
    This was fantastic!  Fun and full of ideas that you can use Day 1.  Highly recommend it for theatre and improvisation teachers remotely teaching or in person.

    Kelly McCain
    Addison TX

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    Posted 18 days ago
    Check out the library on this community. I submitted 11 or so sessions for Distance Ensemble Experiences, which a teacher can use for achieving an ensemble with middle or high school students even at a distance. The experience can be tweaked to fit a class's or cast's needs. 
    Enjoy. Reach out if you have a question. 

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    Posted 20 days ago

    Hey Ted, 

    I would love to hear some of those games for the younger kids. 

    Thanks. Good luck out there.

    Greg Cote
    Theatre Teacher
    Houston TX

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    Posted 19 days ago
    There are many theatre/improv games that work well for the virtual format!  My advanced improv class produced a show as their final project for the semester.  Those watching were able to offer suggestions through the comments feature. Here is their show if you want to check it out.  One excellent resource for games is the 

    Good luck and have fun!

    Ron Parker, theatre educator

    Appleton North High School
    Renaissaince School for the Arts

    Ron Parker
    Theatre Educator
    Appleton WI