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Recording production on Zoom Question

  • 1.  Recording production on Zoom Question

    Posted 05-02-2020 18:04
    Hello! Does anyone have experience with the settings on ZOOM to record multiple people on screen? I recorded my rehearsal today but when I watched the recording only 1 person at a time was visible instead of what I was seeing on the screen. We have done the settings to hide non video participants so that only the people in each scene would be visible. o However, in the recording, I could only see 1 of the actors at a time not everyone in the scene. If you have any tips on what I need to do in settings to make this work, I would appreciate it! Also, does anyone know what the cloud storage capacity is? I am afraid there isn't enough space for the show?
    Thanks for any help. Hope all are hanging in there and staying healthy! Amy

    Amy Luskey Barth
    Talon Theatre Artistic Director
    Director, Thespian Troupe 5524
    Santa Margarita Catholic High School

  • 2.  RE: Recording production on Zoom Question

    Posted 05-03-2020 04:47
    Hi Amy,

    I'm a college student, but I also encountered this problem! Oddly enough, my personal laptop came with the XBox Console Companion (I have a Dell and this program was free). The Console Companion includes a screen recording function which has been super useful and easy to work. If you have a Dell as well, hit the Windows button and the G key at the same time while you have this program on your computer and a screen recording option should pop up. Just remember to record your sound as well (there's a little microphone icon for that on the recording bar). As for cloud options, I've been recording digital lesson plans and videos for my acting class, and I've found Google Drive to be the best option. II ended up paying for a little more storage, but I didn't find the monthly rate to be too bad.

    Best of luck! I hope this was helpfu!

    Jill Goodman
    University of New Hampshire
    Theatre with an Option in Secondary Theatre Education (2020)
    Yardley, Pennsylvania

  • 3.  RE: Recording production on Zoom Question

    Posted 05-03-2020 07:49
    In the upper right hand corner, there is a button that you need to switch to Gallery View. Simple fix!

    Andrea Rassler
    Concord NC

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    Posted 05-03-2020 10:07
    We are JUST starting to record our play, so I am far from being an expert. I have not had a chance to see the practice video we did Friday, because a high school student has it (she is editing all our videos for our play).

    Did you make sure to mark "gallery view" on your screen before you started? Also, in the video settings (on the bottom where there is a ^ by video icon), go into the video settings and check to make sure everything is the way you want it. We found out that not all the students had clicked on "mirror" so we did that before we started. Did you make sure to NOT check "spotlight my video when speaking"? But be sure to check "Display up to 49 participants per screen in Gallery View" and I sure hope that does it.

    If these steps don't help fix the situation, you and I will be contacting Zoom for further help.
    Best of luck to you and your students  (and me and mine) as we move forward.

    Valerie Farschman, Drama Director
    Amherst Junior High
    Amherst, Ohio

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    Posted 05-03-2020 19:00
    Yes, I believe gallery view and then hide non-video participants would help.

    With the Pro version of Zoom, you get 1 GB of Cloud recording, but you also have the option to select Local Recording instead. (I don't know if you can do both.) Just go to Settings>Recording (that's the little gear icon in the Zoom app--in mine it's on the right). If you select Local, then your space will be limited only by the space you have on the computer that's doing the recording.

    We just did a 10-minute play reading series here at the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, and I'm sitting here as the recording converts.


    Jonathan Dorf
    Playwright/ Co-founder of YouthPLAYS/ Chair of The Alliance Of Los Angeles Playwrights
    Los Angeles CA

  • 6.  RE: Recording production on Zoom Question

    Posted 05-03-2020 19:16
    I can't thank you all enough!! Truly! Amy

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  • 7.  RE: Recording production on Zoom Question

    Posted 05-04-2020 13:50
    Hey Amy,
    As you know, we have been recording webinars here at EdTA giving preference what is called the "speaker view"- which means that the recording will favor whomever is speaking, showing one camera at a time.  It is true that you need to make sure that your host computer is set for "gallery view" (note the settting is in the top right and it is a "toggle" type, similar to the play button on a video.  What will be displayed is the view that you are NOT currently using, so if it reads "gallery view" it means click here to get gallery view, it does not mean you are in gallery view.

    There is however another important step. You need to go into the advanced cloud recording settings on your Zoom account and tell Zoom that you want to record in gallery view.  I've taken a screen shot of our settings.  I currently have the account set up to record all possibilities- gallery view, speaker view and shared screen with speaker view.

    Shows a Zoom advanced setting page

    Cory Wilkerson
    Education Manager
    Educational Theatre Association
    Palmyra PA

  • 8.  RE: Recording production on Zoom Question

    Posted 05-04-2020 14:26

    Thanks to all who have offered their input and help with this. I am going to test it today during my Thespian board meeting. I will keep you posted!  I really appreciate the excellent guidance on this.

    This is a great example of collaboration!

    Warm regards to all –



  • 9.  RE: Recording production on Zoom Question

    Posted 05-05-2020 07:51
    Ah, thanks! I've been recording new play reading for the Zeider's American Dream Theatre and have encountered some lags with a larger cast. This may fix that. I'm wondering if anyone has any security concerns about recording on Zoom. I plan to use Zoom regularly to keep the new playwright forum moving and I'd like to record at least the play reading to share with the writers.

    Jean Klein
    Playwright/Founder HaveScripts/BlueMoonPlays
    Playwriting Teacher in MFA program, Wilkes University]
    Virginia BeachVA

  • 10.  RE: Recording production on Zoom Question

    Posted 05-12-2020 17:38
    Dear All,
    Thank you for all of your help with ZOOM performance recording. I want to report that things went very smoothly once I got all of the settings worked out. I want to share that the students had a ton of fun picking virtual backgrounds for scenes!  This became a study in design.  I also would like to say that when switching from one scene to the next - it was important that the actors on screen left their camera on until the next scene came up (Not sure if this is making sense or not.) If they clicked out before a new camera was activated then it would revert to the "control screen."  Other tips include using the camera as the "scene partner." I found this to be more effective than having the actor turn to the side as if on stage to play to another "square."  We had to do weird things like have the actor drop down out of the screen or pop up - but it worked.
    I was never able to consistently have the squares in the same place - which puzzled me. Sometimes an actor would be "SR" and sometimes "SL"...
    We also discovered that taking the setting off of mirror allowed the actors to "exit" the direction I wanted them to go.  It was an interesting experiment all around. Happy to trouble shoot with anyone who might need help now that I've got one under my belt. Thanks again for all of the support from the EdTA community.

    Amy Luskey Barth
    Talon Theatre Artistic Director
    Director, Thespian Troupe 5524
    Santa Margarita Catholic High School

  • 11.  RE: Recording production on Zoom Question

    Posted 07-02-2020 00:50
    #Amy Luskey-Barth

    I'd love you to troubleshoot some questions I have about your experience on Zoom. Email me at when you have a chance.


    Maria Stadtmueller 
    St. Augustine School 
    Kendall Park,NJ

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