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Producing Puffs in the Future??

  • 1.  Producing Puffs in the Future??

    Posted 22 days ago
    Edited by Terry Gabbard 22 days ago
    Is anyone out looking at producing Puffs this year? Our troupe was selected to last year's main stage showcase and our set was stored for the event which sadly never took place. We have a beautiful set and all of the props for the show. I'd like to sell everything for pennies on the dollar. Locating the props for this show took months. Please help me help you! Contact me if you are interested. We are located in Charlotte, NC and you would have to arrange transportation.
    The set has four doors and two sliding doors up center. There are three house banners hung above (smarts, braves, snakes) that dropped at the end of the show to reveal Puffs banners.

    Terry Gabbard
    Theatre Teacher
    Charlotte NC

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    Posted 21 days ago
    Dear Terry,

    First, I am so sorry to hear the cancelled show as with all of us around the country this never is easy.
    We have been trying to do Puffs forever, and waiting to hear if they are giving permission for virtual show this year. If not we hope to perform it next fall in our theatre.
    I would like to purchase the props form you if you don't mind shipping them to Miami.
    Feel free to contact me at to discuss in private. Have a great school year!

    Thank you,


    Laura Rizzo
    Theatre Teacher/Director
    Miami Country Day School
    Miami FL

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    Posted 20 days ago

    I will send you an inventory on Tuesday and we can discuss this further. Thank you for your interest. 

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    Posted 4 days ago
    Edited by Brenton Williamson 3 days ago
    We've started rehearsing, and our performance goes up in November. We'd be interested as well, particularly in props.
    Brenton Williamson
    Franklin Central Junior Thespians
    Indianapolis IN