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    Posted 11-01-2019 11:07
    I have the approval to order some theatre masks, but unfortunately I can only find a couple of sources.  I have used out of Chicago in the past, but I really like the look of the Trestle Theatre masks.  Admin says that we can't order outside of the US.  Do you guys know of any other sources?

    Keith Rollins
    Chatsworth GA

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    Posted 11-02-2019 08:43
    I was recently researching masks as a possibility for our competition piece. In addition to I also found out of Manhattan.

    Steven Pruitt
    Drama Director
    Topeka IN

  • 3.  RE: Theatre Masks

    Posted 11-02-2019 18:41
    Hello Keith,

      Do orders for school, colleges and theater companies all the time.  Specializing in Commedia dell'Arte masks, in both leather and neoprene latex. With the Commedia dell'Arte masks,  Offer, finish with hair,  finish without hair,  mix of both and unfinished neoprene latex mask which you and your student can finish. It is all on the website.   Also now offer Performing Slapstick and that look like a simple stick.  No springs or flaps, but with a simple tap gives a nice loud whack.    Yes my website is   seen best from a computer rather than a smart phone.   Any questions please asks.  Yes also have some very nice neutral masks.


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