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Ensemble musical

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    Posted 06-10-2019 06:42
    Next year our district is (finally) moving the 9th grade up to the high school.  In addition, we have a large group of 9th/10th graders interested in doing a musical.  I went in to talk to our band director and she said we have strong musicians for a pit and that our orchestra teacher indicated interest in getting some strings involved in the next few years.

    So- I'm looking for a a large ensemble musical (no star vehicle) with a significant pit - possibly with strings.  Suggestions?

    Deanne Stokes
    Two Rivers WI

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    Posted 06-10-2019 18:16
    Would your band director be interested in scoring the songs?    If yes, you have a world premiere new musical.

    Leon Kaye
    Playwright for the Ages

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    Posted 06-11-2019 08:07

    I highly recommmend Titanic.  It is a fantastic ensemble musical with a gorgeous score (great string parts) , and tons of roles that are equally spread out amongst the company.  Very little sense of any "leads," as opposed to a show like Hello, Dolly! or similar shows.

    Additionally, The Drowsy Chaperone is an outstanding ensemble show.  Again, lots of parts that are nicely distributed, with lots of good songs and moments for a variety of students.  And it's truly one of the funniest musicals ever.

    Good luck!

    Eric McNaughton

    Eric McNaughton
    Theatre Director
    Marist School

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    Posted 06-22-2019 08:37
    Check out SING DOWN THE MOON by Mary Hall Surface.

    Rosalind Flynn
    Head of the M.A. in Theatre Education
    Director, The High School Drama Institute
    The Catholic University of America
    Washington, DC