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Quick and helpful responses from MTI

  • 1.  Quick and helpful responses from MTI

    Posted 20 days ago
    Hi all,

    We read plenty of complaints about the licensing houses, so it seems right to share compliments as well.

    Adam at MTI has quickly answered my two recent emails with quick and helpful action.

    We were able to quickly and easily schedule a new date in 2022 for a production of Hairspray we had planned for March 2020. Adam adjusted all of the dates and deadlines and renewed the access for RehearScore and various other downloads.

    We are doing 10 Minute Musicals in class now and were charged twice, and Adam arranged for our account to be credited (action in less than 24 hours, while I was writing this post).

    Adam wrote me when I mentioned I would be writing this in gratitude: "It's been a very strange and difficult time to navigate, for all of us!  We have tried our best to keep on top of everything as swiftly as possible given the massive amounts of communications we continue receiving, but sometimes it takes way longer than we'd like.  But thank you very much, and that is greatly appreciated!"

    Nathan Rosen
    Atholton High School
    theatre teacher/director
    Columbia, MD USA

  • 2.  RE: Quick and helpful responses from MTI

    Posted 19 days ago
    It's also worth pointing out that MTI is making their E-perusals and Junior/Kids Audio perusals free right now, so it's a great time to start reading for next year!

    Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
    Theatre Department Coordinator