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  • 1.  New Interface

    Posted 29 days ago

    Just want to send a quick shout out to everyone at EdTA for the upgrades to the member management software.  

    As a Chapter leader, I got to see how this upgrade will benefit us all long-term over a year ago when it was introduced.  And, as luck would have it (because it's the kind of luck I have!), this week we were using Open Water (run by EdTA) for our Thespy registrations, and the deadline was to be today.  

    I didn't check the Community before I emailed Ginny and asked what was going on, or else I would have seen that our Chapter was not alone, and that other Troupe Directors were having issues as well.

    As we all know, glitches happen, and when they happen at inopportune times, it can be very frustrating.  Our chapter bumped back our Thespy registration deadlines and we are all good.  We kept our members apprised of the issue and at this point have had no troupe directors beating down our doors!  

    So hang in there if you are still having issues with it, and feel free to email EdTA directly.  I have found I get a response within hours, even if to say it might take a day to get a definitive answer to my question.

    Have a great break everyone!


    Raymond Palasz
    Auditorium Director/Director of Theatre
    Munster High School