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    Posted 09-18-2021 08:59
    This is going out to all stage Managers or those of you who run your theatres. For those of you who are responsible for the sound and lighting equipment and the theatre in general.  What is your response when others wish to use the equipment and theatre, those not associated with the theatre.  Do you have any guidelines that they must follow?  These would be other teachers in the building that have none to little training on the equipment..  I know that most of us are very protective of what we have and what we are responsible for.  I am trying to get some information that I can get to give to my administration to keep the theatre from becoming a free for all!!

    Charles Puetzer
    Math Department
    Stage Manager
    Michigan City High School
    8466 W Pahs Road
    Michigan City, IN 46360
    (219) 873-2044, ext. 4360

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    Posted 09-19-2021 11:26

    We use a simple requisition form with boxes to check based on needs…including student tech support. It has worked well for us.

    Garry Tiller
    Theatre Arts Teaching Artist
    Sidwell Friends
    Washington, DC

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    Posted 09-19-2021 15:14
    OUr Theatre techs are trained to manage all our sond and lghtng needs. when a school group wants to use our faciity, we rquir them to hire /negotiate with my techs... Outside groups must pay a fee...and ONLY our people re alowed to run it.

    Ginger Latimer
    Performing Arts Chair/ Theatre Director
    Madera South High School

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    Posted 09-20-2021 08:30
    We have full-time theatre technicians who are required to provide support for all users of the theatres.  If the theatre is being used simply as an open space (no technical support, no special staging needs), then we don't require theatre staff be present.  All other situations, however, do require a theatre staff member. Control booths and control systems are completely off-limits to non-theatre staff (or approved student technicians).

    13 years ago, one of our smaller theatres was set up to be "user-operated" - meaning that teachers were able to use the AV & lighting systems on their own.  The reality was that I received a phone call for help almost every night.  Often it wasn't due to a teacher not being able to follow the user manual, but due to the previous user making a change that made the user manual obsolete!  I argued to hire an additional staff member to provide 100% support for the following reasons:

    1) The equipment will last longer when properly used by trained personnel (stewardship)
    2) Presenters and/or teachers will be able to focus on the event itself and not worry about the tech (allow them to do what they need to be doing)
    3) Puts the schools' best foot forward (by preventing tech "issues" and providing professional support)
    4) Is a health & safety issue

    We've operated this way for the last 12 years and haven't ever looked back.

    John Black

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    Posted 09-20-2021 08:58

    We require our technicians or myself to be at every event, period. Our district built our facility 18 years ago. Prior to that, they had a space that they rented out to all sorts of groups, unsupervised. It was a total train wreck when I got here. People just didn't know what they didn't know, but there were so many dangerous items and situations that existed in that facility that we stopped using it. It was damaged from untrained users trying their best. I was literally a hazard to stand on stage. Ropes were secured in place with lag screws into the pin rail because people did not know how to tie off hemp sets. Fresnels burnt holes in boarders because lights were just turned on with out looking at where things were focused.  


    David Simpson
    Performing Arts Center Manager

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