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Creating a themed musical

  • 1.  Creating a themed musical

    Posted 19 days ago

    We are looking at doing a musical at the end of the year. We may be performing outside due to COVID. I am thinking about putting together  songs , monologues, and scenes around a theme.....I am me......celebrating my students talents. The question hard is this to do in regards to getting the rights for the various pieces parts?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Cathy Archer
    Rutland High School

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    Posted 19 days ago


    Are you planning to charge for tickets or present this content as more of an open classroom? That would make a huge difference in materials and cost. 

    One way would be to acquire an ASCAP license and combine songs with student-written scenes and monologues.

    I recommend Stage Rights for some fun revues as well. 

    Have a great week! 

    Matthew Belopavlovich

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    Posted 17 days ago
    Hi, Cathy, from your southern (Vermont!) neighbor.

    I attempted a similar project this fall. Because we do not have cameras or operators, I asked GNAT to film. They agreed to do this if the performance could originate as their broadcast. At that moment, I was happy because all public access stations are funded by the cable company in your area. In my case it is Comcast. Comcast has negotiated rights agreements from ASCAP and BMI. I confirmed with both organizations that my set-up would work. They did stress the performances must be a musical rendition, rather than a musical theatre event. In other words, if the song is sung with no staging, that's okay in their world. If it is being dramatized, then you have to obtain the rights from the rights owners of the book, lyrics, and music. Since I was already having difficulty with attendance at Zoom rehearsals, I gave up and moved to alter the dates on my entire season to allow for two productions in the spring.

    Take care,

    Anna Bean (she/her)
    Director of Drama
    Long Trail School
    Dorset, VT
    413.884.4132 cell

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