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Not a True Elective

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    Posted 15 days ago

    We'll be continuing our 100% virtual learning thru the end of March, and as we look to begin our spring semester in 2 weeks, I am facing one of my biggest challenges. I have about 40 students, mostly freshman (who have yet to actually be on our campus, sadly), who are enrolled in my beginning drama class. None of the students chose this class, but were placed in it. Typically I'll have a small amount who didn't choose in/among the larger number who did and there is a cool influence that takes place. This is also my largest class size ever (which may be norm for other schools?). So...I think for starters, since none of them chose the elective, I may do a first day survey to see what among the topics they would most interested in learning about and give them a chance to offer up ideas as well. If we were in person, different scenario, I wouldn't feel so much at a loss for what to do – what would you all recommend? I think my biggest concern is what we all face with DL: motivation, interest, buy-in, etc. Especially when it comes to theatre games, etc. on Zoom. Thanks in advance everyone!



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    Posted 13 days ago
    I think you're taking the right approach. Find out what they might be interested in learning about and get their buy-in that way.

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