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Award logo idea needed

  • 1.  Award logo idea needed

    Posted 04-12-2019 14:21
    This year, at our Performing Arts banquet, our music director and I will be presenting the "Conductor's" and "Director's" Awards to the students that we feel have shown the strongest commitment to our department. We decided on medals, as the "Best..." awards are trophies. I'm designing them both right now, and can't come up with a design for the Director's medal. Conductor's is easy- she gets to use the baton. I thought about a director's chair, but it seems more film than theatre. I don't want to go with just drama masks, as those are already on the trophies. Thoughts?

    Jodi Disario
    Director of Drama
    Willow Glen High School
    San Jose, CA

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    Posted 04-12-2019 15:43
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    Can you mix your school's mascot or logo into the idea of the masks or ITS? Our mascot is a bear so we created a logo to represent our troupe. I attached a picture so you can see what I mean.

    Shira Schwartz
    Chandler Unified School District
    Chandler AZ