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  • 1.  Newer Scene Compilation & Acting books

    Posted 10-04-2021 08:37
    Hello All--First year full time theatre teacher here (longterm theatre educator though!) Can you all point me in the direction of more contemporary scene compilation books (circa 2000 and later?) All I've come across have been pre 1990 and nearly all the female characters are objects of romance scenes (if it's a male/female scene.) Looking for more diverse character dialogue work for my female identifying actors.

    Also, what Acting exercise books are you loving that have been written later than the 1980s? We all keep pulling on the classics (for good reason) such as Spolin and the like but some of those exercises are feeling stale to me and aren't always connecting with my students. Has anyone retooled or reinvented the wheel yet on these?


    Amy Cole-Farrell
    Kehillah Jewish High School
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    Amy Cole-Farrell
    Kehillah Jewish High School

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    Posted 10-05-2021 12:27
    YouthPLAYS has several good anthologies for all different age groups here: If you're just using them in the classroom, there are also free scenes on their website.

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