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Sigh... another glitch in the new system

  • 1.  Sigh... another glitch in the new system

    Posted 05-08-2021 06:35
    Maybe this is my fault in that I missed this in a notification somewhere.  Heads up to those who have ordered items such as honor patches and regalia.  I used a PO to order the items (yeah!  That was easy) but the invoice no longer comes from EdTA/ITS (where my PO was made out to based on past years).  I may end up having to cover the $350 out of my own pocket for the items I just received, because the district doesn't have the new company as a vendor.  I knew the items were being handled by a new company, but didn't realize that the invoice would be from them as well.


    Holly Thompson
    Worthington Kilbourne High School

  • 2.  RE: Sigh... another glitch in the new system

    Posted 05-09-2021 08:53
    Hi Holly:

    I had the same issue and reached out to Taylor ... here is the response I received (the italicized part is helpful!):

    Thanks for reaching out! With the launch of the new store, we have a new merchandise partner called Centricity. They are now responsible for all things related to orders placed at including payments.


    For ease of processing, this payment can be sent to us here at EdTA. We can then remit payment directly to centricity on behalf of your troupe. Please note that to ensure this is handled properly, it is very important that a copy of each order to which the check is applied is included when the check is mailed. Being able to see the orders themselves will help us ensure all parts of the payment are applied correctly. Since anyone on our team may be responsible for the check, please be aware that someone may reach out to you at that time to confirm the action taken or ask for additional information.


    To help get them set up as a vendor, I've attached a copy of their W-9. If you or your business office need any other information to get them set up, I'd recommend reaching out to them directly at or (888) 557-8761 weekdays from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. ET. We also added a Guide to Ordering Thespian Regalia which has information about the change as well. If you have any other questions, please let us know!


    Hope this helps!


    Mr. Brett Hiner
    English Teacher/Drama Director
    Wooster High School
    Wooster, Ohio

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    Posted 05-19-2021 16:10

    Hi, Holly!

    I wanted to follow up regarding your concerns about your PO. (Brett, thanks so much for sharing the information you had on hand!)

    While we transition to the new store, we are glad to send payments to Centricity on behalf of a troupe if they are received by EdTA. The additional steps will cause delays, so it is best if payments are sent directly to Centricity. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions regarding your payments! When contacting EdTA, please be sure to have the check number available.


    Taylor Davis (she/her)
    Membership Service Specialist
    Educational Theatre Association

  • 4.  RE: Sigh... another glitch in the new system

    Posted 05-19-2021 18:22
    Thanks Taylor I appreciate your willingness to work with us. Unfortunately my district requires the name on the invoice from match the PO  and the PO needs to predate the invoice. I'm working with them
    To get the invoice paid, but it is definitely going to take a lot longer for payment.
    Thanks again for reaching out.

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