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Improv Examples

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    Posted 24 days ago

    I'm teaching Improv for the first time and I'm struggling to find school appropriate examples from Improv groups.  Does anyone have a good resource? I think it would help some of my students to be able to watch how the games go and help them realize that they don't need to be perfect and have the perfect funny line to participate!


    Olivia Robinette

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    Posted 22 days ago
    Edited by Kristin Hall 22 days ago
    Hi Olivia,

    One of my go-to sources for improv videos is the Canadian Improv Games.  It is all high school students, and much more reliably 'clean' than most improv for adult audiences.  They have a mix of instructional clips and videos of competitions.  The latter can be pretty long, so I usually select specific segments to share.


    Kristin Hall
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    Posted 21 days ago
    Cornerstone SF has a lot of videos on youtube that are clean for school.

    Ryan Moore
    Theatre Teacher and Forensics Coach

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    Posted 21 days ago

    I think a great resource could be Whose Line is it Anyway videos, the first run of the show has a lot more "cleaner" family-friendly (PG type) examples, you certainly have to preview them before you show them, but these could be useful for you and your students.

    Sterling Johnson
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