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Booby Trap

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    Posted 01-11-2019 11:08
    My Advanced Drama class has chosen Booby Trap for our February performance. It's about 30-35 minutes and I'd like for the evening to be a bit longer, but I'm not certain what to add or pair with it. I don't want to do another one act since we wont have time to put it together. Does any one have ideas on what else we could do - like a ten minute play that would pair well with Booby Trap? I would like to have close to an hour's worth of material in total.

    Ken Buswell
    Drama Teacher
    Peachtree City, GA

    Theater kills ignorance

  • 2.  RE: Booby Trap

    Posted 01-12-2019 11:48

    The NEA pulled together a collection of first person essays about the Iraq war called Operation Homecoming. You might find a few pieces in there to add to Booby Trap.

    There is also an incredible book called Shadow of the Sword that has some moving first hand accounts of the Iraq war.

    I hope this was helpful,

    Maura Vaughn
    The Branson School
    Ross CA

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    Posted 01-12-2019 14:03
    Edited by Stephen Gregg 01-12-2019 14:14
    Hey Kenneth,

    Booby Trap's been around so long and been produced so much that I wonder if Ed's run into this situation before. You might give him a poke. Playscripts could get you in touch with him.


    Stephen Gregg
    Venice CA

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    Posted 01-12-2019 16:38
    What about a few improv games? 
    Julie Richard, BFA, M.Ed
    Yearbook, Drama, Art
    Powdersville Middle School

    I live for the journey, not the destination...

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    Posted 01-12-2019 17:54
    A school in my area pairs one of their small one-acts with a performance showcase evening (monologues, songs, etc.) and it sounds like it is successful.

    Bethany Moody
    Director of Theatre: Notre Dame High School
    Chattanooga TN

  • 6.  RE: Booby Trap

    Posted 01-13-2019 16:54
    Thanks for the great ideas, everyone! I'll bring these up with the class tomorrow.

    Ken Buswell
    Drama Teacher
    Peachtree City, GA

    Theater kills ignorance