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Thespys/I.E.s as class assignment

  • 1.  Thespys/I.E.s as class assignment

    Posted 21 days ago
    Does anyone use Thespys/I.E.s for a class assignment? Do you use the festival's rubrics for scoring? If so, how do you assign letter or percentage grades from the rubric?  Would you consider a Fair as a D?  Superior is 100%?  Just curious.

    Karen Feldhaus
    Owensboro KY

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    Posted 20 days ago
    I use the IEs as the final exam for first semester in my Intermediate and Advanced classes. (Colorado Thespians happens in Dec so it times out well).

    Each category in the rubric is 5 points: Superior is 5/5, working down.  It comes out to a 25 point assignment.  I use the average of all judges for each category.

    If students perform at ThesCon, they have an option. They can take the grade from the judges. If they feel like it was not a good representation for whatever reason, they can perform again during the finals period. If they choose to re-perform, they MUST take the grade that performance earns them.  They do not get to pick the higher of the two.

    If students are not going to ThesCon, or are not performing at ThesCon, they still do an IE style performance for their final exam, and I score them using the same rubric.

    Josh Belk
    Director of Theatre
    Palmer Ridge High School
    Monument, CO

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    Posted 17 days ago
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    Karen - I use this in all my acting classes but I differentiate the grading. Essentially, a newcomer can't fail unless they refuse to get up. It saved a bit wonky in pdf format, but if this is helpful, I'm happy so send as a word or google doc.

    Tiffany Carstensen
    Director of Theatre Arts
    Salem-Keizer Schools
    Salem OR