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Rehearsal Procedures after the quartentine

  • 1.  Rehearsal Procedures after the quartentine

    Posted 28 days ago
    Help! I need to put together "Procedures for rehearsing." I have:
    Rehearsing in masks
    taking everybody's temperature when they get they get to rehearsal
    6 foot distancing at all times
    Please help me brain storm this!

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    Posted 25 days ago

    i would just adopt the CDC guidelines. I would add only one or two people go to the bathroom at the dame time. I would also add in fatigue breaks. Wearing masks for an extended period can cause fatigue.

    -Wiping down surfaces and props
    -Addition of sanitize stations at entrances to stage.

    Crit Fisher
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    Posted 25 days ago
    I'd add something about the size of the space you are rehearsing and the number of students that can safely practice in that space. There may need to be a holding area/study hall area where students not being used should be. Minimize the amount of bodies in the rehearsal space at all time.

    Also think about a time limit on how long students can be wearing masks. Taking mask breaks in large spaces (outside if it is possible) so students can re-oxygenate - masks can trap carbon dioxide as we exhale and need good ventilation or need to be taken off regularly.

    6 feet is the minimum distance recommended, and with projecting voices a larger distance is likely more safe. If you are having other students watch a rehearsal make sure the audience is at least 10 feet away since that is the direction the most aerosol units will be directed when students are projecting. Also make sure that you have that space for your own safety as you direct/choreograph.

    Erin Coulter
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    Posted 25 days ago
    The rule about "don't touch a prop if it's not yours" takes on a new importance.
    Same with scripts. No sharing.

    Michael McDonough
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    Posted 24 days ago
    I think your ideas for rehearsals are excellent for a classroom setting.
    I honestly doubt that my district is going to even allow extracurricular rehearsals until COVID-19 is quashed.  The Risk Management department in my district has been very proactive, even before the pandemic.    Even if we do put together a show, how would we socially distance the audience?  I'm trying to think positively about all of this, but any plans I have for extracurricular performances next year are tentative at best.

    Robert Ellis
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