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How are you keeping students engaged?

  • 1.  How are you keeping students engaged?

    Posted 04-28-2020 21:02

    Hi all!

    Our musical group has been connecting through zoom as well as small mini projects such as creating Tik Toks.... However, I am running out of ideas. 

    • Virtual rehearsal 
    • Break our groups to pitch next year musical 
    • Reflection from final dress rehearsal / check in 
    What are some virtually activities on Zoom you are doing with your students? I hear Kahoot trivia night is a fun one... I may try that out!

    Alexis Jenofsky
    Bernville PA

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    Posted 04-29-2020 09:26

    I've been struggling with ideas myself.  So far we have done:
    • Virtual Talent show
    • Pitching ideas for next years play
    • analyzing productions
    • Spirit week

    Hope this helps.

    Kristen Bishoff
    Dircecter & ITS Troupe Advisor
    Chesapeake High School & Chesapeake Bay Middle School
    Pasadena, MD

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    Posted 04-30-2020 16:38
    I just did a great project with all my Drama Students 6-12th grades.
    We are taking Stella Adler’s advice and opening up our creative channels to explore all the arts.
    A consummate artist should be a lover of all things art so, we decided to re-create paintings the first week.
    My students chose a painting with at least one person in the painting that they could re-create. (they had to know title, artist and year)
    They had to r-ecreate the painting with a minimum of 3 things found at home.
    They had to photograph their re-creation.
    THIS IS WHERE the PROJECT GETS DIFFERENT than the actual Challenge.
    They had to write dialogue 3-4 sentences - What would the character say?
    And lastly, rewrite your dialogue in the style of a playwright or theatre director of your choice.
    (I had students use Chekhov, Mamet, Durang, Shakespeare, Diana Sun, Noel Coward, Grotowski, Artaud, Boal, Tennessee Williams. - just to name a few)
    It was so much fun and entertaining.
    Next week we plan to do the Merge Cunningham 50 steps.
    This is a wonderful time to open up! Make connections. Wear many hats. Be a playwright, be a designer, be a costumer, use the influences from those who paved the way.
    We have had a wonderful discussion on the question - WHAT IS EXPERIMENTAL?
    And critiquing the Sondheim TAKE ME TO THE WORLD 90th Birthday celebration - also a must. We were scheduled to do INTO THE WOODS this spring. Alas.

    Kristin Duerr
    Director of Drama & Communications
    Notre Dame Academy
    Los Angeles CA

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    Posted 18 days ago
    This is so great and so helpful! Thanks!!!

    Maggie Rasnick
    Drama Director
    Raleigh Charter Hig School
    Raleigh NC

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    Posted 15 days ago
    Love so many of these ideas!  Thanks to everyone for sharing.  Here are two more for the trove:
    1) Set/Art Design - We are all now critics of each others' Zoom backgrounds and living room/bedroom decor. Keep it positive but get them to think more critically about the story they share through something as simple as a lamp or chair placement.  Follow ups:
    - Change things up for subsequent meetings.  Several parents LOOOOVED this.  One even commented that without these Drama classes, her kids would never clean their rooms.
    - Decorate the room (or just an element or two) based upon a character in a play or musical.  Most of our kids are already theatre nerds, so there are tons of posters and toys from Disney and/or "Wicked", but I had one kid who put a bowler hat, feather boa, and white gloves on the desk behind her because as a chorine in 1920s Chicago, "that's where her costumes would be."

    2) Sales Pitch - Creating a practical narrative can be fun and challenging.  Kids have to develop a 30 second commercial in which they "sell" something in their house, room, etc.  They are critiqued on the script, performance, and technical elements like camera angles, editing (for those with the technology), etc.

    So far, I've seen hilarious commercials selling:
    - Cracked iPhones - "They make excellent drink coasters!"
    - Ugly Brothers - "Aren't they all?"
    - Make Your Own Pan Flute - "What else are you gonna do with Empty Toilet Paper Rolls"

    Stay Safe!!!

    Josh Ruben, M. Ed.
    Fine Arts Head
    Northwest Whitfield HS (dba, The Northwest Theatre Co.)
    Tunnel Hill, GA

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    Posted 04-29-2020 09:54
    Hi all,

    I have shared some great choreo videos for my young actors, and encouraged them to rehearse and record themselves dancing the number.  Two great options are:

    Christa Danner

    Speech and Drama
    Blue Valley Middle School
    Direct Line: (913) 239-5163
    Address: 5001 W. 163rd Terrace Stilwell, KS 66085

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    Posted 04-29-2020 10:12
    Some playwrights have gotten busy and published a few plays designed for online production. I know features "Commence" and "Wellness Check" Christian Kiley and "Scenes from a Quarantine" by Lindsay Price. I just ran across these yesterday; I'm sure there are more.

    Molly Longman
    DeSoto IA

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    Posted 25 days ago

    Hello fellow EdTA folks! I wanted to extend an invite as I'd be delighted to be a guest speaker and/or instructor for one of your classes.

    I'm a working actor/comedian in Los Angeles, and also teach PT at MS/HS as well as teaching/performing with The Second City.

    I posted this a while back letting folks know that I'd love to share my improv knowledge online. Perhaps this could kill at LEAST 1.25 hour!

    Stay safe!

    BJ Lange
    The Second City and Orange County School of the Arts CA
    Hollywood CA

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    Posted 20 days ago
    Annually, my students in our Theatre Club/Thespian Society Troupe, write a murder mystery dinner theatre script. That went out the door this year.  We moved to working online through google docs and google meet.  The students meet up with me and another advisor, have the document in front of them on their devices and workshop the show. In the planning stages, we looked at what shows like SNL were doing from home.  The students developed characters that could incorporate into their home environments taking into account what "costumes" and props they could muster. We are looking forward to putting on the show for the community and helping our district understand the show can go on.

    Regina Hartman
    Woodbourne NY

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    Posted 15 days ago
    I love all of these! Thank you!!!

    Alexis Jenofsky
    Bernville PA