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Beauty and the Beast

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    Posted 05-08-2019 13:30
    Hello all! We are (seriously) considering doing Beauty and the Beast next season. Can someone give me a "ball-park" figure on rights and production cost? I have a booster meeting, and I would like to give them some numbers.


    Antonio Moon
    Theatre Teacher
    Beckman High School
    Irvine CA

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    Posted 05-09-2019 07:25
    It really depends on ticket price, expected attendance and number of shows.  I run four nights, charge $10 per person and have about 375  per night for musicals - I generally estimate about $3000 for rental and royalties - no matter what show I'm doing (and I generally get extra books and extend from 2 months to three months for rehearsals)

    If you go to the MTI site there is a cost estimator on their page.
    Toni M. Thomas
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    Posted 05-09-2019 10:55
    ​I recently finished directing Beauty and the Beast in April. I spent $5700 on production cost. Here's my budget breakdown:

    $1500 on set
    $2000 on costumes- I rented the enchanted objects
    $500 on a rehearsal pianist
    $700 on programs and posters
    $500 on rented lights
    $500 budget buffer

    A community college in our area had done Beauty and the Beast two years ago. They generously sponsored our production and allowed us to borrow their costumes and props for free. I did need to rent the enchanted objects costumes. The engineering class at our school built our invention for us for free. We made the chip cart out of scrap items that we had laying around. Note if you rent the enchanted objects suite most companies will give you Chip's hat but not his cart. A student created the rose out of scrap material. But I have heard of people using a gobo instead for about $20.

    I think my production is unusual in how little we spent. I know someone who spent $10,000 just on costumes. Some unsolicited advice: reach out to people in your area, it is one of the most popular school musicals. Someone nearby you has definitely done it. I would say think about what will make the most impact. You can easily get caught up in the details of this show and lose sight of the overall picture.

    Alyse Pollock
    Special Education and Drama Teacher
    Williamsburg VA

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    Posted 05-09-2019 09:59
    Hi All,
    I would echo Toni's comment about the cost estimator option on the MTI website. Similar to Toni, I run 4 shows and estimate about $1000/show.

    I've done the show (directed and performed in) and it is a fun one to do. Break a leg with your production!!

    James Fry
    Director of Student Life and the Malvern Theatre Society
    Malvern, PA

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    Posted 05-09-2019 13:47
    Yeah, as far as rights costs and book rentals and stuff just contact the owners.  MTI has an estimaotr tool which is helpful and gives u a good sense in a few minutes, they are also very fast with regards to giving me the costs layout when I ask.

    As far as other costs...  I echo what has been posted here...  it varies widely!!

    $5,000  to $12,000 would be a good starting point for a HS to do the show.  If your group were ready to spend more than that you'd know it!

    Break Legs

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    Posted 05-10-2019 07:52
    Hello, I agree with what everyone else said about MTI cost generator for royalties.
    As for the rest, I kept my costs down by making all of costumes instead of renting. It actually looked pretty good. It really just depends on what you can afford.
    If you need a good fundraiser, heartlandcostumes has light up roses that you can order and only pay for what you sell. It was a really good fundraiser for us (and you can use them in show/have an audience participation part for your younger viewers).
    If you need to go the route of making costumes is gladly give you the ideas we used.

    Courtney Primus
    Theatre Teacher
    Lewisburg TN

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    Posted 05-10-2019 13:52
    We just closed Beauty and the Beast Jr last week! It was perfect for our high school community!

    We got the rights/showkit from MTI for 1600, that included backdrop projections

    We rented all the costumes for about 3500

    We spend about 600 on props, and our enchanted rose was donated.

    We have a really great theatre and were able to really create a lighting design with our projections that worked really well. Our entire set consisted of 3 chairs, a table, and 5 rehearsal boxes (we covered those in burlap to double as benches for Gaston song)

    Dominic Patacsil
    Drama Department Chair
    Los Angeles CA