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Ensemble Experience Creation Worksheet

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    Posted 06-10-2020 20:40
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    Looking forward to seeing you virtually at the 2020 VITF. I will be teaching Distance Ensemble Experiences for Class and Cast and ACE IT: ACE ANY THEATRE AUDITION. Both are participatory for students and teachers. What fun.

    To celebrate, I have posted the Guidelines for Creating Ensemble Experiences for your students to try.
    I have copied and attached the document.
    Ensemble Experiences for Creating and Teaching
    One of the objectives of the Ensemble Experiences is to provide: an opportunity for the members to work and play in a win-win situation, a safe, free place to experiment, laugh, make bold choices, and compliment one another.
    Workshop Ensemble Definition
    But what exactly constitutes superior ensemble acting?."All actors working at the top of their game…all the roles are equally important..each actor has a heightened understanding of an sensitivity to everyone else on stage.
    Understand the dynamics of the stage space and their physical relationships to each other…must be aware of each other, of the story, they have to agree on the means of communication. …if something unforeseen happens, everyone is alive and absolutely ready to react in that situation….need games that break down the sense of ego and promote the sense of "we're all in this together."…a mental state..sort of a family..up to director to other's ideas; to challenges..casting is creating a family and each member of the family has a specific function..good actor giving a good reading is not necessarily the best actor for the ensemble…
    Stop working individually; can we work together here..let's do something as an ensemble…director sets up place of safety for ensemble spirit….sense of joy comes from actors working together in harmony and trust.
    From BACKSTAGE WEST The Meaning of Ensemble by Jean Schiffman

    Benchmarks of Creating Ensemble Experience
    *All must take part. Everyone participates. If space is small, you might have a few watch , and then have them trade so all take part.
    *Make your partner look and feel good
    *Create Simple guidelines
    *Rehearse the instructions before you teach.
    *Plan reflective questions for closure.
    *Compliment as you watch the experience.
    *Know each participant's name.
    *Think of different ways to side coach without saying "Good job."
    *Thank each participant at the end.

    Establishing Objectives in Designing an Ensemble Experience

    Action/Reaction, Appreciation of self/others, Applause, Concentration, Collaboration, Cooperative Learning/Working, Communication, Creativity, Focus, Fun, Following directions, Laughing, Name games, Nonverbal Work, Relaxation, Respect/self/others, Supporting Role, Team building, Warm ups for Vocal and Physical Work

    **Stay away from Trust Exercises in which anyone might feel in danger.

    Title of Created Ensemble Experience______________________________________________________
    Leader's Name_________________________________________________________________________
    Time Frame for the entire Ensemble Experience________________________________________________
    3 minutes to explain objective and guidelines
    3 minutes for any questions for clarification
    ___ minutes for the experience
    5 minutes of reflective questions and answers.
    List 3 objectives for this Experience?(from the list above)_____________________________________

    Write the Guidelines. (5 simple guidelines)

    Be ready to teach (date)____________________________.

    Gai Laing Jones