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Summer Arts Camp funding

  • 1.  Summer Arts Camp funding

    Posted 01-06-2019 17:20
    Hi all! I am looking for advice regarding funding to start a new Theater Arts Summer Camp. My superintendent is on board and I have fellow teachers who have committed to teaching - but I am struggling to find the monies to cover costs- largely salaries and production rights for "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown." 
    Please send your thoughts, advice and how-to's! I had a mental health practitioner advise me to ask our "local" "foundations" that donateto similar programs- but the issue at large is I haven't been able to find any info on who that would be! 

    Thank you,
    Tifani Pust
    Luling High School 
    Theater Arts Instructor & Director 

  • 2.  RE: Summer Arts Camp funding

    Posted 01-07-2019 08:24
    I let each group perform a skit written by my students.  This allows for me to take as many campers as I want.

    I use the camp as a fundraiser and don't pay anyone - even myself.  It's mandatory for all Thespians even graduated seniors.  The funds for the summer camp (now expanded to almost 400 kids @ $125.00 each) pays for club needs:  pizza at crew calls, picnic, comp tickets to Award Banquet for all parents, chaperones to State & International Thespian Conference, one night paid for hotel for state conference for all students, etc.

    Tammy Smith
    Virginia Beach VA

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    Posted 01-07-2019 10:12

    We have played with various formats of a summer camp over the years. We have found that the most successful camps do not involve producing a full production. Rather, we focus on the development of skills and team building exercises that are age appropriate. The freedom that not putting student through an entire production (often in a compressed time format) really helps students make many wonderful improvements on an individual skill basis.

    We charge a simple per student fee per camper that covers costs. The camp culminates into a performance for parents of student written scenes and monologes for more advanced students.


    David Simpson
    Performing Arts Center Manager
    East China Schools
    East China MI